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Laughing Gravy
Balcony Gang, Foist Class
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Concert (1962) Dir. Walerian Borowczyk
Animated / 6 min. 41 sec. / Color

A put-upon short man and his huge terrifying wife put on a concert in which she plays the piano like an angel while the couple persists on harming each other.

I've already raved about Borowczyk's Blanche and now I've turned to his short subjects. This one, obviously, is very much in the spirit of a lot of other cartoons while drawn in practically a stick-figure style. There are several surprises in it (what happens to the husband - yikes) and the Blu-ray from Olive Films opens with Terry Gilliam talking about Borowczyk's short animated films, which were obviously a great inspiration to him.

You can find this cartoon online and I was gonna link to it but I couldn't find a good enough print; the Blu-ray version is gorgeous.

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