The Last Outpost (1935)

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The Last Outpost (1935) Dir. Charles Barton and Louis J. Gasnier
A Paramount Picture
72 min. / B&W / 1.37:1
DVD: Universal's Cary Grant Vault Collection and 10 Movie War Collection

The Great War reaches into Kurdistan; British officer Cary Grant is captured by Kurds and marked for execution but rescued by, of all people, the Turkish commander, Claude Rains(!), who turns out to be a British intel officer under makeup (whew, for a second there, it was disconcerting, seeing Rains play a cruel, heartless creep). Escaping under cover of night and enemy bullet fire, Grant is wounded and sent to a hospital in Cairo to recuperate, where he falls in love with beautiful nurse Gertrude Michael - who is married, which she can't reveal since married ladies, apparently, aren't allowed to be pretty Cairo nurses in wartime. Long story short, it's Mr. Rains to whom she's wed, which is going to lead to, shall we say, a bit of friction between the guys.

Massively entertaining movie thanks to the three leads and a tried and true plot, fleshed out with several reels of silent footage of natives and animals and guys being chased by baboons over suspension rope bridges that, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, the source of which I can share with you: Merian C. Cooper's Grass (1925). Miss Michael (whom I'd recently seen on an episode of Perry Mason) may not have turned into a big star for some reason, but WOW - she's beautiful, she can act, and she has warmth and charisma to spare. Were I her, I would've dragged this movie out, Norma Desmond like, every week and watched it. Rains is, as always, terrific and Grant - looking quite snappy in a mustache - is great. Quite the movie.

Million-dollar Dialog:
Nurse Gertrude, once she discovers patient Grant is falling in love with her: "I think you'd better have another nurse, Captain Andrews. I'll speak with Matron."
Cap'n Cary: "So will I. I'll tell her I'll shoot any other nurse on sight."

As I said, a massively entertaining movie.
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