Terror is a Man (1959)

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Terror is a Man (a/k/a Blood Creature) (1959) Dir. Gerardo de Leon
Valiant Films
89 min. / B&W/ 1.37:1
DVD: Image Entertainment

ITB Strange Science Cinema #169
ITB Shock Theatre #225

A shipwrecked sailor ends up on a remote island with a mad scientist, his sexy wife, and the subject of the scientist's latest experiment, using vivisection to turn a panther into a bad-tempered, claw-happy human being.

All I remembered from seeing this a few years ago (under its Blood Creature title) was that it was better than I expected once I got over the fact that the mad scientist in question isn't Charles Laughton (it's Francis Lederer, in case you're wondering, you Nosy Parker). Well, it's way better than I expected, actually, considering it was the first of many "Blood Island" movies churned out in the Philippines by Eddie Romero (John Ashley would be along later in the series). A very small cast (headed by Richard "When Worlds Collide" Derr as our hero and Greta "Replacement for Christine McIntyre during the Joe Besser years of Three Stooges shorts" Thyssen is the sexy Mrs. Mad Scientist) and a longish running time but there are some nice shocks and the monster, wrapped up like the Mummy so we only see his paws, claws, and jaws (oh, and his cute li'l fluffy ears) is actually pretty darn scary. Nice and atmospheric; I liked this one.

Million-dollar Dialog:

Extremely stupid shipwrecked sailor to mad scientist: "Do you realize that nobody knows what happened to that ship or the people on it? Nobody knows what happened to me except YOU!"

There's an opening scrawl that advises us that a warning bell will ring to warn us when the monster is about to attack in case we want to shut our eyes but then the damn bell never rings; I hate it when filmmakers screw with us like that.

An overlooked very good one. Worth searching out.


For the kiddies, a trio of color cartoons, including The Kilkenny Cats (a term I had to look up), with Mighty Mouse helping a mouse army defeat their feline oppressors; Magoo's Canine Mutiny, with our nearsighted hero thinking he's bought a dog when he's actually leashed an armed robber; and The Magnetic Telescope, another beautiful Superman cartoon.

Jimmy Olson got dumped "Into the Electric Furnace" in the 7th episode of our Superman serial, and we saw a trailer for the upcoming feature - one of our all-time favorites - The Mummy with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing! Ka-WOW-wow!

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