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A lot of RP websites have a concept of "canon:" an unchanging aspect of the setting that is indisputably true. In Imythess, canon is less objective. Instead, it depends on how many players use the information in-character. The more people who use the same piece of lore, the closer it is to "canon."

This gives you a lot of freedom to elaborate on the setting, adding any kinds of details you want. You can even reject pieces of existing lore you don't prefer quite so much. The catch here is that you aren't RPing in a vacuum; you're playing along with people who have their own view of the setting, too. If you don't like how Cascadia is an oligarchy and instead want to make it an oppressive ground-based empire with a pink and purple flag, you can do that, but it isn't very likely that the people you play with will accept that as "canon."

Articles posted in the Core Imythess Lore forum tend to be widely accepted as canon, and may even be subject to change if popular view changes. Supplemental Lore may also be well-received, but allows enough wiggle room for selective rejection of certain details or concepts. Since Local Lore represents the personal lore of specific members, you can use whichever articles you want and ignore the rest without consequence.

Help build the setting of Imythess by inventing your own details! Go totally wild. Who knows -- maybe your ideas will be considered "canon!"
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