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Misted Hills Dotting the eastern lands of Imythess are the Hills of Mist. These hills are sparsely populated and covered in a seemingly perpetual fog that thickens and thins erratically. Small woodlands and valleys between them contain minor bodies of water such as rivers and streams, as well as the occasional lake. There are a few farms and villages spread throughout the area. Most avoid the heart of these rolling hills, however, for there is a local rumor that dark things await those who deign to venture too deeply into this dank place.

What Lurks in the Mist

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June 10th, 2018, 1:05 am #1

The glowing eyes in the mist are what gave it away. Faen swiftly dodged to the side as the creature leapt out at him, furiously snapping its jaws. While it missed, his cloak was torn from him. Faen had never met a beast like this one. A massive, snarling mass of fur and anger, long curved talons that resembled steel blades, and supernatural, glowing blue eyes that stood out from the endless fog. As Faen reached for the blade at his hip, the beast leapt again. He was not as lucky as the last attack, which tore into his left arm. Faen gritted his teeth and, using his right arm, drew his blade from it's sheath and entered a fighting stance.

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Traces of faint flurries of water in the air conglomerated into mist before the eyes of the female planeswalker as she strode forwards and eyed the world around her.

The Hills of Mist were noted for their dangers and the near-zero visibility. It was easy to get caught in snares if one was not careful.

The world around her suddenly erupted with a roaring yell, a slash of metal and a flashing light that burst through the haze.

The beast was enormous, easily standing above her as it tore into a figure in between them.

Narrowing her eyes, she held out her hand focusing mana the color of mountains and storms into her grasp. Her eyes glowed emissive red as she filled her body to the brim and lashed out. A lightning bolt flew from her fingers hitting the creature square in the shoulder as she drew her blade and moved to the man's side.

"Are you alright?" she called watching the creature prepare another attack.
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