Voidwalker's Rise

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The snow fell quietly to the barren wasteland - treeless, flat stretch of dirt, in the middle of nowhere, dusted with the faintest of whites.

In the silent snowfall, a shadowy humanoid figure opened its eyes and got to its feet. Its movements spoke of ancientness, of a grandeur lost to time long ago. Long robes, purple and black adorned the figures body, along with gauntlets of a strange make - along the forearm, a strange purple glow illuminated the material. The figure opened its eyes, before yawning loudly and scratching its ass, the shadows around it taking form into that of a dark elf.

The elf was short for his kind, with the characteristic long pointed ears, and strange white hair. He had a book in one arm - a grimoire, which he closed shut and held tight to his chest.

"A gathering of power." His voice was calm and collected, with the slightest hint of something darker beneath his tone. "New blood. Unlike that seen before. The perfect place..." At his hands manifested an ugly magic, burning black and purple, illuminating his obsidian colored skin. "To feed."

He then sighed, and shook his head. "No, no, no. I have been communing with the void for far too long. It seems its hunger has overtaken me. How bestial and low for me to be tempted so quickly."

The warlock sighed and adjusted the hood of his intricate robes. He could feel it, though. The hunger being this strong only meant one thing - he had only a few months left. Vaniki needed to feed, soon.

He began walking for a while, his boots crunching against the white snow. He could feel the magic begin to stir again within him as he continued walking, before the world around him began to warp and twist and turn, folding in on itself.

For the Voidwalker, space and time meant nothing.

He arrived in the back alley of a large city - Taras. The jump had made him so tired, and he was so very hungry, he thought. The warlock wandered through the city, until night fell, and it was quiet.

Night time. When the void was strongest. It called to him - it needed food, it needed to feed now.

He obliged.

Vaniki wandered a bit more until he found a young boy who was lost. He bent down and smiled at the boy. "Are you alright?" He spoke in Common, now - different from the strange language he spoke to himself earlier.

The boy nodded. "I'm... I'm lost. Can you help me?"

Vaniki nodded and smiled. "Yes. I'm a mage. I may be able to teleport you. I must warn, you, it will take a while. It will feel as if you are falling asleep, understood?"

"Uhm... yes, sire. Thank you."

Vaniki reached out, feeling sorrow pang in his heart. But he had to do this. He put his hand on the boy's shoulder, and opened himself to the void, and felt the energy, at once cool and warm, surge through him. He went unconscious.

When his eyes opened some time later, the boy was quietly asleep, his body already disintegrating into a purple light. Vaniki shuddered. He'd never drained someone that young, but he had no choice. He whispered a small prayer, for forgiveness. He knew he could not resist the temptation for long as he was.

Then, he remembered the power he'd sensed earlier. Reaching under his cloak, he gripped his iron quarterstaff, intricate designs etched into the metal. He ran a finger along the grooves in the metal, a smile coming over his face. Such magic power, gathering so quickly all in one place. He wasn't sure what it was, but he knew he must get there. Maybe, if he devoured enough of the individuals at that locus, he'd never have to feed again.

He got up and began walking along through the city, finding a comfortable alleyway to settle down in. Being a Voidwalker, he didn't have much of a need for food, though water was a necessity still. He sighed quietly and leaned his head back against the hard brick wall of the building, the ground around him dirty and dusty. He did not pay it any mind, his memory far away, in a different time.

He remembered the kind guidance of his master. Iniyanna had been nothing but kind to him, a guiding hand, a force for good. She had mastered everything needed to be a true Storm master - the true harmony within, the destructive force she wrought without. A kind and teacherly young woman one moment, a whirling unstoppable force of wind and lightning and fury the next.

She had made one mistake, though.

In his ancient Order, Void was a rarity. She doubted that he had the power to commune with the primordial darkness, but as was custom with most, he had skinned one of the rams in the complex's vast farmland, donning its bloody skull. They formed the arcane circle and to her surprise, he'd formed the connection.

When he woke up from that first communion, though, he was so hungry. The ache gnawed in him like nothing he'd ever known before. His hands were around her throat before she could even react. If she hadn't used her Storm, she would have had the life sucked out of her. But when he was finally separated off of her, the hunger satiated, she had lost twenty or thirty years.

Like the child he was then, he cried and begged for her forgiveness, and he'd gotten it with a tight embrace from his teacher. Undeserved, he knew. But there was nothing the newly dubbed Voidwalker could do.

In an effort to wrangle with his newfound powers, he'd been locked into a millennia long communion with the Void itself to allow his body to fade, but it would not let him. Shoving his mind into his body after a horrible struggle, he found himself here. Slowly, Vaniki rose to his feet. Simply the memory of his first feeding... it rose the appetite within him once again.

He could sense the aroma of life in the air around him. Drops of saliva dripped onto the ground. It smelled... delicious. The city was so full of life. Surely, he could find another good meal somewhere, couldn't he?

Walking out of the alley, he grabbed a middle-aged passerby and sucked her dry right there, before dropping the fading husk of a corpse onto the ground and continued on, raising his chin to the night sky, taking in a sweet breath of air as the hunger dulled. A few more meals, then he'd be satiated for the night.

Then, he could focus on bigger things. How to get rid of the pesky hunger for good.

But for now, he would eat.