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Floating City Striberg is built atop a massive iceberg floating off of the coast of the North Reaches. Its existence is only possible through the magical barrier surrounding the metropolis that simultaneously keeps the ice from melting while maintaining a pleasant temperate climate within the city. The barrier itself is visible as a distortion in the air that completely encapsulates the City of Magic. The iceberg has been carved into tiers leading up from sea level to the highest point of the city, hundreds of feet above the frigid waves. The quality of the buildings and surroundings increases from tier to tier, with the tall, imposing towers of the Academy of Magic looming over the rest of the city from the highest level. Although the barrier keeps snow from falling in Striberg, the architecture is still remniscient of times when buildings had to remain warm and secure throughout blizzards and long winters. Most are made of large blocks of quarried stone, with sloped roofs covered in slate tiles. Other spaces have been carved into the resilient ice of the iceberg itself, including several cavern-like marketplaces and open squares, as well as tunnels that allow easy access from one side of the city to the other.

Several bridges, both those made out of magical ice and those made out of normal materials, lead from the iceberg to the nearby coastline. This area is covered in urban sprawl. The buildings are of notably poorer construction than those on the iceberg proper. Since the barrier does not fully extend to the mainland, this region of Striberg still receives heavy snowfalls on a regular basis. Checkpoints are maintained on each bridge by the City Guard so that the magical aptitude of visitors can be assessed and their rank within Striberg's thaumocratic caste system determined.
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The angelborn blinked and looked over at her as she caught up, rubbing her pale, mismatched eyes and laughing softly. "Aye, that... that might be th' best idea Ah've heard in a while. Might shut Eae up for a wee two seconds as well," she mumbled to herself, and for a moment, she wondered if it was possible for a bound angel to kill her from the inside. She allowed herself to laugh it off before straightening herself up, adjusting her headdress over her hairline to properly conceal her scalp, and nodding at Rose. "Ah'll take 'at o'er walkin' home by mahself anie day ay the week. Cheers, lass- Ooh, are those mah scrolls? Ah knew mah bag was a wee bit lighter than usual, cheers ye again," she thanked, giving her a slight bow of the head, before taking the scrolls out from her hands and dropping them back into the satchel and sighing. Wynne gave the bar another scan, pretending not to notice the odd looks she and Rose were being given for hanging at the entrance of the tavern. She looked back at Rose and gave a bright smile, her chubby face flushed a mirthful pink.

"Whale then, 'at clears up business here, sae let's go tae that room o' yours now, eh? Lead the way, then, Rose!"
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Rose paused for a half second as Wynne mentioned a name that she hadn’t heard before. Eae? Interesting name... Rose thought to herself as she felt Wynne stagger against her side for a moment, before standing up straight again. Rose noticed that there was something underneath the head piece that Wynne had on, but didn’t have the time to properly see what it was. Rose laughed to herself as Wynne took the scrolls and dropped them into her bag. ”I’ve got you covered, at least for tonight, Wynne. Let’s get a move on then, shall we?” Rose glanced behind them as Wynne stumbled out the door.
The bartender had come out from behind the counter. “Make sure that gal is nice and sober before you let her out of your sights, deary.” The bartender nodded at Wynne, and Rose smiled at her. ”I will, I promise.” Rose smiled and nodded as she raced after Wynne.
”It’s over here, my dear!” She laughed and lead the way through the door of the inn a few doors down. They walked in, and Rose walked up to the counter. ”I’m going to be having another person in my room tonight, no wake up call, and make sure we have black coffee in the morning, please. I’ll be coming down in a little while to get something to eat.” Rose smiled at the receptionist, and then lead Wynne up the stairs to the room. A little while later, Rose came down and got some snacks, Wynne passed out in her bed. Rose didn’t mind, she’d had her fair share of nights on the couch, and one more wasn’t going to hurt. She got the food, told the woman behind the counter to be ready for a breakfast call around mid-morning, and then headed back upstairs to munch while she added her final entry for the night.
Met a new friend today, not sure what to make of her. She seems to be hiding something underneath a cloak, and possibly even something under her hairline, though not sure what she would be hiding. Also, note the different colored eyes, which is curious. The woman seems like she has a lot of things in her head that need to get let go: least of all about her past, and about whomever this ‘Eae’ being is...Might be the voice that she was talking to when I first met her...She seems to be able to hold her liquor down well, which I suppose is a good thing, given how much she’s had tonight. And what of this library? I should track it down at some point. And the information on cults, seems like a rather obscure thing to start studying on, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to dig into it a little bit...She passed out on the bed, which leaves me to the couch. Pull out springs don’t do the best, but if that’s where I have to sleep tonight, then I’ll do it. With that, I must turn in for the night, not much more to write that hasn’t been written.
And the journal closed on that meeting...
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