Tournament Pool Side Challenge

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April 19th, 2018, 4:11 am #1

Hullo, friends! I am proposing a tournament pool/side challenge for the upcoming Tabula Rasa Tournament. The idea is to provide everyone the opportunity to participate by betting on the outcome of the tournament rounds, potentially earning yourselves some additional gold! Snellopy has graciously offered to be our backer, and even said he would contribute some gold to the house for distribution to the participants (this means more gold would be handed out than is contributed by the players).


Is this event IC or OOC?

IC. You will be playing a character interacting with a bookie and watching the fights.

Will I lose gold?

You might! However, all of the "house" gold will be returned to the participants by the end of the event, one way or another (i.e., either as winnings or via challenge rewards), so there should be several opportunities for you to earn your gold back!

What can we bet on?

Overall winners, arena locations, aspects of individual fights, etc. - a complete list will be provided at the start of the event.

Will there be other ways to earn gold besides betting on the fights?

Yes, there will be challenges where participants can earn gold.

How will the winners of the challenges be determined?

Either popular vote or an unbiased judge.

Do I have to buy in to participate?

Yes, there will be minimum buy-ins.

Can I participate if I have a character in the tournament?

Yes! Just not with the same character that's fighting in the tournament. Also there may be some restrictions on what aspects of your own round you can bet on.

What if I decide to drop out?

That's totally fine! Anyone should be able to join or leave this topic at any time. Your gold will be considered committed once your bet is placed, but you are not required to participate after that's done. Once the round or tournament is complete, you will be rewarded the appropriate amount of gold based on the outcome.

What if the whole thing falls apart? (Can we trust this shady Pyx character with our gold??)

There will be a contingency plan to ensure the house gold is re-distributed appropriately among participants. This will be posted at the start of the tournament so you know what you're getting into before you commit any gold.

Please post below if you would be interested in this! If yea, please provide an estimate of the total amount of gold you would be willing to commit throughout the course of the tournament (I want to make sure the minimum buy-ins don't discourage participation). If we have enough interest, I'll start work on the book.

Feel free to post questions as well.