The Ruins of an Ancient City

Now overtaken by the earth, these ruins must have once belonged to a great civilization.

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Ruins of an Ancient City Truly a city that time has forgotten. Marking the border of the abandoned city are moss- and vine-covered battlements, their surface having turned white and rugged with age, which have collapsed in some areas low and deep enough to easily walk over. Gates once stood at the west and eastern ends of the city, though no sign of them remains save for the arches marking where they once stood. The common buildings within are of worn stone and rotted lumber, which creak with the wind, threatening to collapse, yet resisting strain with ease. Four mighty stone watchtowers stand affixed to the battlements, easily twice the height of the old walls, decrepit and reaching for the sky like the claws of a giant beast. The towers are dwarfed only by one structure, a dark spire at the center of the city, easily triple even their height and the most intact structure left. Unlike the rest of the structures of the city, the spire's stone is dark, and the walls are riddled with broken stained glass: a foreboding monument to the city's death.

There are no remains of the city's previous inhabitants, only creatures which have taken residence where they see fit. There are many tales of the city and rumors of its origins, though none can be confirmed. Some people even claim that the ruins are haunted by the dead, but one thing remains certain: even when met with the destructive forces of adventurers and nature, the city mysteriously rebuilds itself to its ruined state. Some visitors even claim to have been moved in their sleep.
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