The Purple Lantern Tavern

A tall building with an arched roof of violet slate and large amethyst windows lit by lanterns made with purple glass.

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Purple Light The characteristic light of The Purple Lantern Inn attracts nearly as many patrons as does its ale. In Balefire's eternal night, the soft purple radiance that gives the Inn its name serves as a beacon to the weary traveler in search of a drink of ale and a bed for the night. The high architecture of the Purple Lantern has elements of countless different cultures contained within it, but the amethyst windows are unique throughout all Imythess. While many other taverns have tried to copy their incredible beauty, no one has succeeded in making the quartz skylights anywhere near the size of the Purple Lantern's, and each of the long line of proprietors has jealously guarded the secret method used them--or, as the more cynical of Balefire's citizens claim, they have forgotten.

Inside, polished limestone tables are set in rows along the floor. The inn serves distinct meals from every corner of the world, and its drink selection is even broader. In the evenings the inn is always filled with the sound of music, but the venue is not one for amateurs. In compensation, the pay those lucky few get for a single night is higher than they would for a week anywhere else.

But the darkness of Balefire has seeped into even this citadel of light. A row of private booths line the upper walls, and while these are ostensibly for couples who desire greater privacy than is allowed in the common room, Balefire's underworld has found them to be ideal for its underhanded transactions. The Sheriffs are far less willing to invade a popular inn in search of a suspect than they are to invade a back alley, allowing the Purple Lantern to function as a meeting ground for those who do not wish to draw the attention of the law. There are guards at the door, but they rarely interfere with the patrons unless the inn's property is in danger.
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