The Nixie Marshes

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The Nixie Marshes during a summer day. Climate during this time is humid and warm.

The Nixie Marshes are a 2,400 square acre (3.75 square mile) area of wetlands in the south of the Hills of Mist, running off of a long river leading into the Moonsea. The Marshes are covered in forests of willow trees over a similar geography of the rest of the Hills of Mist, with large hills of dense, misty forests. The Nixie Marshes are supposedly hosts of many magic and cultural phenomena, including self-sufficient Elven tribes, witch covens of all types, and mythological water creatures such as swamp mermaids, naiads, selkies, water sprites, and for their namesake, nixies.


Like the rest of the Hills of Mist, the Nixie Marshes are held on top of large hills and are filled with an abundance of trees, tall grass, herbs, flowers, and fauna of both average and epic variety. The majority of trees there are weeping willows or other types of willow trees, though patches of other trees can also be found. Grass grows much taller here, especially along swamp banks, and reeds and cattails grow abnormally taller than other places, leaving many to suspect that magical creatures are behind the care of flora in the area.


The Marshes have a very unpredictable climate. Fall and Winter tend to be extremely rainy, raising the levels of the swamps higher and drowning out some parts of the forest, while Spring and Summer are incredibly humid, harboring perfect temperatures for fungi to grow, much to the faerie and witch population's delight. Due to its unpredictable nature, some people believe that said weather is controlled by minor deities or storm genasi in the area, or even some witches' rituals, though nothing has been confirmed.


Many different races live in the Nixie Marshes, much like throughout the rest of Imythess, though a specialty in the area are breeds of creatures evolved specifically to live in this temperate. These include mermaids, nixies, sprites, aquatic and avariel elves, brownies, satyrs, and naiads (the swamp variation of which are known as heleionomai.)

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