The Great Stables

These stables were built to house the mighty Kellen horses, the wood of the stable hewn and carved in intricate designs.

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Great Stables [center]The horses are Kellen's most honored beings, second only to humans. All of the people of the village and surrounding areas respect the horse greatly as both a combat and working animal. They help plant the years crops by pulling the plow and they help defend Kellen from any threat that comes to it.

These stables were built in honor of their hooved friends, the wood of the stable hewn and carved in the many graceful shapes of a horse. The rafters holding up the arched roof are that of horse heads and it is said they are supposed to look like the horses of Kellen's great warriors of old.

Horses are kept in the stable and in paddocks behind it and are a favorite target for horse thieves as a Kellen bred horse is worth much more than a common one, but there are constant guards over the stables and village and very few get away with stealing any of the strong animals. [/center]
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