The Dark Lands

Deep underground, lays the Dark Lands where no light shines, and no breeze is felt.

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The Dark Lands [center]Deep underground, lays the Dark Lands. No light shines in down here, no breeze is felt. And the creatures that live within the darkness are dangerous and most of the time evil. The tunnels are twisted from the lava that use to flow down there from the Volcano, Therab, but it no longer erupts, so lava no longer flows, except for the very bottom caverns, where lakes of lava can be found. There are large caverns found throughout the many tunnels, large enough to fit what lives in the darkness. There are cities built by the Dark Elves in the larger caverns, the cities built in to the sides of the rock, with large walls built around them. The Dinosaurs ruled this place long before the elves or dwarves and still live there this day, waiting for some pray to come by. [/center]
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