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I stepped down from the ship slowly. The crew had barely given me a notice the entire ride here, and for that, I was grateful. Hot tempers and small quarters do not mix well... I stood on the beach and looked around, wondering where the best place would be to go. I needed somewhere to tuck down for a little bit. As I looked, I saw a covered wagon saying, “To Kellen, 50 Gold.” I checked my pockets and found that I had enough to use this if I wanted. I sighed and decided that this was my best bet. I knew nothing of this place, but figured it would be the best option, as opposed to staying stuck on this beach.

I pulled out the 50 gold, and walked to the wagon. I dropped my coinage into the pouch of the main running the thing and got on board. I was one of the few people choosing to do this. I wondered why but did not bother to think to much of it. I had to get as far away from everything that I knew and I had to do it as fast as possible. I sat down in the back where no on was sitting and set my bag on the seat next to me. It rattled a little as my blades clanked next to each other. I smiled to myself; oh, what would these silly little patrons say if they knew that they were sitting with an assassin? A couple minutes later, the guy I had given my coins to got on and we were off.

There was a slight lull of people talking, but no one approached me, for that I was thankful. My story was not one to share with strangers. After the day of traveling, we stopped, and set up camp, as there were no taverns nearby. Some of those riding did not like this, but I did not care. I had just spent Gods know how much time on a boat with guys who didn't give two shits whether or not everyone had a pillow at night. I smiled to myself as I curled up by a tree while everyone gathered around a campfire to share stories.

I was half awake when a little girl came over to me. "You look like a pretty singer, pretty lady." The little girls voice was soft, as though she didn't want her mother or father to hear her talking to me. "Will you sing me something?" She asked even more softly than before. I sat up and looked around, wondering where her parents were. "I don't sing, girl." I looked at her closely while she sat and waited. How could this kid no my one secret? I thought to myself. Music was not something I shared with anyone. I'd left all my instruments back at home specifically for this reason. My whole reason for coming here was to start over, with people who did not know my talents. My mother hated that I preferred a weapon to a piano. As I got older, I started to laugh at her when she tried to force me to play for anyone. I learned to say no to her, and I was grateful that, too. I sighed, and looked down at the girl again. "Please, pretty lady, sing me a song? I can't go to sleep without one." I sighed again and looked down at her. She seemed innocent enough.

I hated my voice. I hated the fact that I could carry a tune, let alone that I could carry one well. I never wanted to be a performer, but maybe if - I stopped that train of thought there. I would not let my musical talents get in the way of my goal here. My goal of becoming the mercenary was something that was within reach here, unlike at home. I looked back at the group and then to the girl again, and sighed. "Fine. One song, little one." I sighed as she got a huge grin on her face and climbed into my lap. I stared down at her as she did this, and gave up. Kids were more annoying than their worth, and I would never be having any. I took a deep breath, and started singing for this little girl, and watched as her eyes slowly drifted close. After two songs, I slowly stood up, and walked over to the group.

"Excuse me." I could tell that my presence had been forgotten by the number of people who had gotten startled by my approach. That made me happy. Being invisible was a key element in my future. "Does this little kid belong to anyone?" I held my breath and waited, and then a man spoke up. "Sorry, that's my daughter." He stood up and walked over to me to collect the little girl. She seemed content enough to go to his arms, but then again, she was knocked out asleep. "I hope she didn't pester you too much." He said with a smile. I shook my head no. "No, she just wanted me to sing to her," I said with a shrug. The man froze for a second, and looked me up and down before taking her back to their tent. I shrugged to myself and went back to where I had made my little camp area.

I slept through the night, glad that the little girl had stayed with her father the rest of the night. I woke up and got my things pulled together before joining everyone at the wagon. The little girl ran over to me then. "Thank you for singing to me last night, pretty lady. I am sorry if I distrubeded you." I couldn't help the smile that crept onto my face as the girl fumbled over her words. I got down on her level, bending my knees, and smiled at her. After a second, I ruffled her hair and said, "No worries, kid. Just don't tell anyone that I can sing, ok?" I smiled at her and she nodded before running back to her father.

I hate the fact that I can sing, I really do, but sometimes it has it's moments of being useful. Maybe I'll use it somehow...

I rolled over in my bed and woke up, startled. It had been a long time since I had thought about my first morning here, on Imythess. My how things have changed in all these years. My assassin skills are 100-times better than ever, and even my musical abilities have gotten better. I still hate my vocal cords, but they have their place now. I stretched and got down. That's when I remembered, I was on a mission now. I looked around in my house-cat form, and wondered where exactly I was again. That's when it hit me - I was in the same spot as I had been in my memory. I smiled to myself and shifted back to my human form, and looked around. This spot of the forest had not changed much. I smiled, and thought back to that little girl. I wondered where she was, and how she was doing. I sighed, and got back to work, setting aside everything except the goal here: Find and kill. I smiled to myself and shifted back to cat because I could track better this way. I shifted into a panther, though, the better for keeping everything on me, and took off into the forest, after my prey.
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