Taras Megalopolis

Engulfing an unnaturally expansive region along Imythess' western coast, Taras is like a forest of buildings and pavement.

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The Risen Republic

]The republic of Taras is the largest city-state in Imythess in terms of total urban area. The city itself extends across a large section of Imythess' west-central coastline, forming huge districts that are linked by canal networks, stone-paved bridgeways and ribbon sprawl. Five years ago demons laid waste to the city center, forcing displaced citizens to pick through the ruins and plan their rise from the ashes. Leaving the tough old ruins intact in memory of the tragedy, they built a new city center on top of the old one. This still-inhabited undercity is called the Ash District after the choking layer of grey that still covers every surface. The reconstruction of the city was only possible through the diligence of the Benefactors, a small group of wealthy patrons, and the drive of numerous volunteers

The "new Taras" was supposed to be shining and pristine, and indeed some districts are. However, it is easy to tell that the city has been growing beyond its means, and far too quickly at that. In anticipation of a population boom, many districts contain oversized travelways and multi-level residential complexes intended to pack as many people into a small space as possible. Large sections of the rebuilt city are underpopulated or abandoned as the city's population has yet to rebound. Adding to these issues is the rotten core of the government, as certain Benefactors have contracted low-quality building materials for poorly designed structures, especially in the poorer districts, while accepting kickbacks. Fires and collapses are as common in some areas of Taras as they are in much older cities.

The natural areas around Taras are hilly heath. There are almost no trees; instead, the area is covered in tough, short, scrubby plants growing densely from the hard-packed ground. Grassy barrier dunes and salt marshes are common along the coastline wherever the docklands have not extended.
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