Taras Docks

A large district that is the source of much of Taras' wealth.

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Taras Docks This part of Taras never sleeps, as there is always work to be done. The locals view Taras' docks as a region more than a specific location: the "docklands." Convoluted networks of docks extend well into the Moonsea and service thousands of ships both large and small. These areas are so large that they are even named and mapped like normal city streets. The larger boardwalks are a microcosm of marine businesses and curiosities. Areas in and around the docklands are some of the most active and densely populated regions of the whole city-state. The streets closest to the coast are lined with warehouses and businesses, and the large number of pedestrians and narrow streets combine to make the entire area a tangle that few people can navigate efficiently. The view of the horizon is marred by countless sails, silhouettes of civilian and military watercraft, and clouds of shrieking seabirds.

The Grand Shipyards of Taras are visible off the coast of the city center. These are a multi-tiered conglomerate of artificial waterways, pulley systems and specialized arcano-mechanisms. The whole structure is lined with slippery wooden walkways and rope ladders to let shipwrights maneuver on foot. Along the most pristine shores lies Taras' boardwalk, a wide stone road intended not for commerce but relaxation and tourism. Entertainers and stalls line the road, hocking wares to the throngs of Tarasian citizens and foreigners who've come to enjoy what the city has to offer.
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