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Sen's Past

Joined: 7:48 PM - Nov 15, 2016

4:08 PM - Jul 09, 2018 #1

Birth - 20 years ago, 2 years after his older brother, Ned

Began Magic Training

Joining the Rogue Hunters

Ned is exiled

Becoming independent

Meets Aadva Wren

Becomes an Infernos

Meets Luna Moore and Addle, Becomes an Aetherist

Meets Ana

Ana is murdered and the Exodus Down crashes

Meets Arten Hawks

Meets Wynnesteria

Becomes an Abyss-Bound and meets Kassiel

Fights Wynnesteria and escapes to Norwood from Kassiel

Sen and Wynne run into Lachlan, cuts off Lachlan's arm

Develops Smoke abilities and becomes a fully mastered Smoke Hazard

Battles with Ned and Lachlan in the palace

Masters Full Cowl Cinder Style and murders Ned with an orbital Cinder Comet

Parts ways with Wynne and travels to Taras, then to the Broken Cliffs

Meets Arthur

Meets Keelin (?)
Smoke Hazard: Level 5
Risen Fiend-Bound Level 3

Aetherist: Level 3

Infernos: Level 3

Spellblade: Level 2