Richimon Lake

Richimon Lake is found directly beneath Cascadia.

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Richimon Lake Sprawling around the once-clear lake is the home of Cascadia's working class and businesses too large to be placed on Cascadia proper. The grungy mass of anarchic streets is packed with those who power Cascadia's commercial success. Tall stone apartments are surrounded by chaotic, uncontrolled wooden slums that are in a constant state of being torn down and rebuilt with more permanent structures. Stout airship towers send hundreds of small passenger and cargo vessels straight to and from the docks of Cascadia, packed full of goods and workers. Along the edges of the lake, hulking forges churn out goods for all of Imythess. Lakewater is drawn in to keep the never-closing foundries cool, then is released back into the lake stained with soot and tinged with uncontrolled magic. Many businesses and warehouses even have their own airship docks, allowing them to send goods straight to Cascadia instead of risking a journey through the streets. Work is plentiful and few have issues keeping fed and housed.

The only frequent law enforcement is privately owned by businesses and only concerns itself with crime that affects their workers or property. The Cascadian Air Navy has a few large fortified bases within the city that handles training infantry and golems, but Air Navy infantry and Bronzeguard golems only patrol the area directly around the bases unless riots have to be curtailed -- or they've been paid.
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