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Okay, I kinda just vanished for a while and only a handful of people on Imy had any clue where I went. I think I hit that annual sorta writer's block and slipped away for a while, then I got disconnected from most of the internet during my recent vacation.

Now, however, I'm starting to get that old familiar itch for RPing back.

Many apologies to the people who I was RPing with before up and vanishing like that, but if you'd like to get back into whatever it was we were doing or RPing, post here and lemme know! Sorry again about just poofing like that, but I'm back now!

. . . Probably.

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welcome back! hope your muse comes back with relative ease, too. if you ever need someone to get back into the writing groove, i'm open pretty much all the time!

and once again, welcome back :D
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Welcome back.

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