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The World was Cold.
Marie stood shivering cold atop Caris Point, the bluffs that overlooked the Valdeen expanse. Her lungs seized in her chest as if the sudden wintered air froze the very breath inside her throat as she looked to the frozen blades of dark grass as far as the eye could see.
Nothing but Grass.
There was nothing there but grass. Dark blades of grass standing tall towards the sky. Frozen from the sudden drop in temperature but still standing straight and true towards the sky ever darkening from clouds.
There was Nothing. No City. There was only grass…
Marie stared

Marie stared at where a sprawling city should be
Marie stared at where a street leading to a fountain should be
Marie stared at where an Academy Should Have Been
Stories were told about Gods.

How Gods were Kind.
How Gods were Gentle.
How Gods protected you.
Stories were for children.
The Academy had found the truth of the stones.
The Students scoured for answers
The soldiers trained for war

The Stones of Ocelot were meant to be protected.

As far as anyone could remember the Stones were always within the Sacred Temples of the Divines. Each borne to their respective God and protected by them. As long as Mortals obeyed and cared for the Stones, Valador would be safe. Valador would be protected.

But the Stones were a cruel trick. Gathering power and might for the Gods over time. Each trial, a step closer to Oblivion. Each Ritual a monument towards their demise. The Gods were Monsters.

Each preparing to devour their devoted in an eternal torment only to repeat the cycle so once more they could sustain themselves. The Mortals all found out the truth.

Thus Mortal fought Divine.

The Academy discovered the truth and rang outcries
Cries of Revulsion.
Cries of Rebellion.
Cries of Revolution.
And Marie listened.
And Marie fought.
And Marie bled.
The battle was waged in bloodshed and sweat. Each mortal dying was feeding the Gods but their powers were weakening. Marie had found out how to stop it, found out how to destroy the stones and sever the God’s connection to Valador.

And in the end… for a moment, it was enough to believe that they had won. That the Mortals were victorious, that Valador was safe.

Gods were Cruel.
Gods let you believe things.
Gods let you win.

It wasn’t enough to destroy them all.

That would be easy.
That would be Kind.
That would be Gentle.

It was far crueler to let them believe they won
It was far crueler to let them believe they were safe
It was far crueler to simply erase them from being.

The Academy wasn’t destroyed.
Destroying that which had risen up would make a point, but it is not merely enough to punish the transgressions of those who began the rebellion against the cycle. Against they who created all around them for their own desires and whims.
They simply erased it From existence.
Marie stared at Nothing until her body shook.
Her body shook as she gasped. Gasps turned to screams. Screams reverberated into thunder. Thunder roared into Lightning. And lightning struck her soul.

And her soul sparked.

the spark
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