Norwood Forest

The ancient, forested lands of central Imythess.

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Norwood Forest This ancient forest is eerily quiet at times. Areas below the canopy are dim during the day and pitch-black at night, only receiving whatever sunlight manages to filter through the leaves.

The true terrain is difficult to discern as the root systems of Norwood's distinctive aluar trees are exposed, elevated and so large that they engulf the forest floor. Traversing Norwood at ground level is a difficult task in some places as one must climb over or through hills of tangled roots. Moss, vines and smaller plants grow directly from aluar roots, sapping water and nutrients while absorbing what little light reaches this far down. Even more plants grow from trunks and boughs, including parasitic steelwood trees and strangling vine-curtains. Norwood's temperate ecosystem completely changes as one moves up toward the high canopy which is hundreds of feet above.

Flat roads have been burned or cut into the roots to make traveling by land easier. After rainstorms these roads are flooded with a shallow layer of water due to the soil's poor permeability. Rain takes a long time to penetrate the forest's upper canopy, as it is usually caught by the leaves and flows down the forest as rivulets or even temporary waterfalls.
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