Nezri, the Beacon of Rozanai

As the capitol city of the kingdom of Rozanai, Nezri is cultural melting pot amid rolling grasslands and semi-arid savanna.

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Nascent Kingdom The monarchy of Rozanai was originally settled by the loyalists of the old Istani Emperor, but has expanded to bring local Debonese factions into the fold. This has created a unique cultural mix as the Rozanai capital city is formed. The nascent city is half-permanent, half-impermanent as the outer rungs are full of horselord camps and their traditional ger or tipi dwellings. Since the palace of the Emperor-in-Exile is under construction, the ruling body of the new nation is currently seated in a tremendous and well-fortified longhouse complex.

Rozanai's overall territory extends south of Taras, west of Kellen, and north of Istan City, covering huge stretches of land that traditionally belonged to the Western Debonese Horselords. The region has historically been poorly settled, but permanent towns, cities and roadways are forming as the local cultures begin to focus more on crop-growing rather than herding livestock or hunting large animals. Tallgrass prairie, rolling hills, and reams of savanna make for sweeping vistas. The climate is hot and humid in the summer and cold in the winter. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, droughts, and other extreme weather are all fairly common.
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