Location On the high seas
Alignment Lawful Good
Species Farplanar Human
Class Pirate
Height 6'2"
Weight 170 lbs.
Build Acrobatic
Age Appears mid/late 20s
Hair short, blonde
Eyes ocean blue
Skin pale
Occupation Sacred Heart Leader
Name Buddy Holly
Alias Brown Rogue; Corrosive Captain
Character Birthday Jan, 30, Essentially 358
Link to Extended Description http://imythess.com/topic/884988/1/
Gender Male
Primary Element Fire
Secondary Element Air
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ACCENT: Buddy has an Irishi-Like accent
Eternal Optimist
While life isn't always sunshine and puggles, Hugglenauts are quicker to see the good in everything. A Hugglenaut has a moderate inherent resistance to fear, demoralization, negative illusions and mind magic spells. Their presence is a calming influence on nearby allies, and those within a ten foot radius also find their resistances to these attacks mildly increased.
[+] Spoiler
Fame: Legendary Corsair: Pirate Captain Buddy Holly
Coastal Fame:

In and around the seas, your name, crew, and ships are known far and wide. Many respect you for your fame, some fear you, and others wish to claim your fame as their own.

Captain Buddy Holly has had a careful but steady rise in fame with both pirates and proper sailors alike. The greatest center of his infamy being the megaopolis Taras, where bounties for Sacred Heart pirates are posted on the boards, with the highest reward being for the "Corrosive Captain", Buddy Holly, himself, so-called for his preference at using acids in his unlawful deeds. Through cunning and careful coordination, Captain Holly has managed to bring larger vessels both privately owned and Navy to defeat, and boasts leading the kills of several sea monsters, including rescuing his crew from being swallowed whole by a sea devil.

The realization of a romanticized pirate, Buddy is intelligent, merciful, and as honorable as a pirate can be while still employing underhanded tactics. He has been known to order his crew to spare noncombatants, and even ship guards and military who surrender are let to live and spread the tale of Captain Holly and his crew. Testaments to his personality describe him as kind, clean, and quick-witted, preferring to use the weight of his infamy and his words to disarm and rob people instead of needless violence. some even describe him as having a handsome, almost celestial appearance, with bright blue eyes, light blonde hair, and fair pale skin.