The Faunamancer
Location Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Alignment Lawful Good
Species Human
Class Faunamancer
Height 6'5" (2.01 m)
Weight 250 lbs (113 kg)
Build Seriously Jacked
Age 27 Years
Hair Black, Afro
Eyes Blue, Faint Scar on Right
Skin Tan, Clear
Occupation God-seeker
Name Boris Khôrmu
Alias The Faunamancer
Character Birthday September 22nd
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Gender Male
Primary Element Air
Secondary Element Air
birthday 8 Apr 1996
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Character Theme: Gallant Boris
Active Topic(s):
  • Time and Again: Boris sets out to investigate strange happenings in a desert village; there is no village.
  • The Contender: Boris fights in the Taras Arena with hopes of becoming a household name.