Alignment Neutral Good
Species Aasimaar Phantom (Undead)
Class Arcanamach
Height 5'8"
Weight 150
Build Slender
Age 27
Hair Red
Eyes Blue-green
Skin Pale
Occupation Captain
Name Captain Silnimare Morrighanu
Alias Sil, Blind Bard, Captain
Link to Extended Description
Gender Female
Primary Element Water
Secondary Element General
birthday 19 Apr
Joined July 4th, 2014, 8:51 pm
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[+] Spoiler
From weakest to strongest:

1.Master Athletics = Magical Bull's Strength
2. Master Athletics + Brawn = Magical Draconic Might
3. Master Athletics + Bull's Strength (Non-Magic).
4. Master Athletics + Brawn + Bull's Strength (Non-magic).

"We're not all weak, Orc. And before you call magic, it's not magic." Her voice dropped to a whisper just low enough for him to hear. ".... I'm just not human."
~Silnimare to Gortwog

Silnimare's Theme Song (Through the Valley)