Hong Bao Kuai
Alignment Lawful Evil
Species Haunian
Class Cosmosmancer
Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Age 42
Eyes Light brown
Skin Pale
Occupation Researcher
Link to Extended Description http://imythess.com/topic/5168409/
Gender Male
Primary Element Air
Secondary Element Air
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嫦娥: "Chang'e" A celestial 'goddess', lady of the moon. Pretty much Hong's version of 'Saint Mary', more or less.
Pleiades: Hong's Dragon Fly.
Neptune: Hong's Barn Owl familiar.
Starseeker: Hong's airship.
"我打死你!": "I'll kill you!"
[+] Spoiler
In the Heart of the Mist - Teo/Hong Bao Kuai
Dancing Across the Sky - Aeyliea/Hong Bao Kuai (Tourney Round 2)