Gilworth Petroglitch
Unconfirmed Account
Location Somewhere you aren't.
Alignment Lawful Good
Interests Caps! Lots of caps!
Species Deep Gnome
Class Stoneweaver
Height 2' 11"
Weight 60lbs
Build Stocky
Age 243
Eyes Dark-Brown
Skin Gray
Occupation Digger
Character Birthday Harvest Moon
Link to Extended Description
Gender Male
Primary Element Water
Secondary Element Earth
birthday 12 Jan 1984
Joined 10:49 PM - Dec 04, 2012
Last active 6:23 PM - Aug 24, 2018
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Badge explanations listed below in same order as badge images above, from left to right.
Badge Qualifications
  • Monolithic Badge: Gilworth, having been entirely alone after leaving the Deep Cities and the underground world that surrounds them a long time ago, finally found a friend in an unlikely place. He has another, much smaller (and furrier) friend now as well, and they are constant and loyal companions.
  • Foundational Badge: Gilworth was one of the many labourers responsible for establishing the Ivory League?s headquarters (formerly known as the Pan-Imythess League) among the Ruins of an Ancient City. He also acted as a scout during their exploratory operations, was responsible for finding a couple of minerals and metals useful to the League, and was among those agents responsible for gathering information from Jakaria as well as stifling the expansion of Jakaria?s metallurgic knowledge base.
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The American way is lost. There is only the commercial way, which has become a communist capitalism
concealed behind a thin veil of democracy.

It?s better to die quick fighting on your feet than to live forever begging on your knees.

Judge not a gnome by his stature,
especially when his pick is bigger than yours.

Fear us, world, for we are the writers?
?and we are everywhere.

Imythess Screenies

I want my 90s back!

Favorite Words
Agathokakological, Deleterious, Discombobulated, Existential Cessation, Impugn, Lingua Franca, Poetaster/Poeticule/Poetling, Rodomontade, Schadenfreude
Percussive Maintenance: When you beat something until it works. (courtesy of Shan in C-Box)
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Gilworth?s Birthday in 2016 by Ozan