Alignment Lawful Good
Species Humanoid
Class Heavy Knight
Height 7'6"
Weight Heavy
Build Big
Age 2018=385, 27
Hair Ish
Eyes Blue
Skin Ish
Occupation Tarasian Knight
Name Detaras [Surname Pending]
Alias Deets, Detty
Character Birthday Something Especially Tarasian, 358
Gender Male
Primary Element Fire
Secondary Element General
Joined 7:05 AM - Aug 02, 2009
Last active 3:31 PM - Apr 11, 2018
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The Taras Taskforce
This character is one of the members of the Taras Taskforce. After a terrorist attack that left an entire district in ruins, these brave individuals delved into the depths beneath Taras seeking answers. There are as many rumors regarding what they found as there are stars in the sky.

Even if the details of their journey aren't well-known, those who undertook these risks are treated like celebrities within the city (especially after a parade was held in their honor!). They have a professional relationship with the surviving benefactors and know many movers and shakers among the Taras elite. Not only are they likely to be recognized on sight, they are treated like heroes within the borders of this nation-state, especially within the megalopolis itself.