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General Information

Name: Kyveli
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 19

Languages Known: Imythessian Common (Native)
Nationality: Cascadian Dragonspines
Allegiance: None

Physical Description

Height: 5'5"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Electric blue
Skin: Light brown

Common Attire: A well-worn coat and fingerless gloves give her the impression of someone who's always doing delicate but messy work. Hair is usually tied up. Wears a colorful bandanna either around her neck or over her head. Wears trousers -- short or long, depending on the weather -- with steel-toed work boots.

Identifying Marks: No distinctive tattoos, scars, or markings on her body, but her eyes are a really unnatural shade of blue. They're so bright that they're easy to see in low light, even if the rest of her getup is a bit drab.

Personality Overview

Summary of Traits:
  • Sketchy: The venues she enjoys and the people she befriends are on the fringes of society. She sees any sort of petty crime as perfectly fine as long as you can get away with it, but she also has no problems assisting with some forms of more severe crime. Local law enforcement sometimes get a feeling like they need to keep an eye on her.
  • Attempted Scamp: Thinks that she's mischievous and amusing to others, but whether or not this is actually true varies from person to person. For many, she's more of a generic scumbag. This self-perception often leads to situations where she, with a form of youthful overconfidence, overestimates her own capabilities or underestimates those of others.
  • Amicable: Not prone to being especially mean in social interaction. Smiles a lot and uses a friendly tone, even in situations where it's not exactly warranted. Might come across as charismatic at best and untrustworthy at worst. Rather brutal and cheap in combat, though.
  • Wanderer Mentality: Doesn't like to stay in one place for long. Starts to get restless. Enjoys visiting new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people. Has a sort of "fast living" worldview that seeks to maximize experiences.
  • Fast Thinker: Kyveli is the type of person to act first and then adjust the plan if things aren't going great. She doesn't like to sit around meticulously calculating the best course of action, even if she has time to think. Some of this behavior might stem from her overconfidence (see "Attempted Scamp").
Fighting Style: Kyveli is weak and she knows it, so she'll try to avoid violence where she can. If it's a fair fight, it's not worth the cost. If there's anything at all that can be done to throw an enemy off their game -- no matter how dirty the trick -- she'll do it in a heartbeat. She's fine with surprise attacks, executing an enemy who can't fight back, psychological tricks, tripping, using the environment, or even pantsing an enemy mid-combat. It doesn't even have to be clever as long as it works.


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Personal Lore:
The Beast Without Wings

Since it was taboo to speak the true name of this once-notable Oroseiran nature god, most adherents to the religion refer to it as The Beast Without Wings. Other epithets included Monster-Looking-Upward and Blue Eyes. The latter was a reference to the Dragonspine cultural association of the color blue with ambition, similar to the expression "green with envy" seen in other societies.

This minor but free-roaming god was associated with ambition, destruction, and growth. While widely considered by Oroseiran lorekeepers to be a weak god, the Wingless Beast does crop up on occasion as a point of study due to its uncommon set of reported behaviors.

Traits of this god have been identified as follows:
  • It is extremely aggressive, but only toward entities it perceives as stronger. It generally ignores the weak.
  • It will eat anything it perceives to be more powerful than itself. This includes mortals, gods, and even intangibles such as storms.
  • It incorporates what it eats into itself.
  • It appears to systematically seek out challenge.
Even though this god was quite weak back when it was active, it used to be even weaker. According to Oroseiran legend, the Beast Without Wings used to be eyeless and legless as well as small in size, incapable of any movement except thrashing on the ground. If this is true, the Beast has come an enormously long way from that point. Its primary epithet refers to old observations that suggested the god had a strong desire to fly.

Presumed Dead

The Beast Without Wings was once a highly visible god by Oroseiran standards. Even though it's used as a case study for uncommon behaviors in gods, there hasn't been a single sighting of the creature in well over a century. Most lorekeepers assume the god died in one of its many ambitious fights.