Kellen, the Bastion City

Walled and imposing, this small city-state is prepared to protect its independence at any cost.

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Walled City-State Kellen, located almost at the exact center of the Debon Plains, was once a humble village settled by one of the few non-nomadic cultures in the region. Over the years it grew to become a wildly successful trading hub for both the horselord clans to the west and the wandering nations to the east. Over time, the nation grew its infrastructure by building a castle within its walls, improving its surrounding roadways, and building watchtowers and other protective equipment. Recently, tensions with surrounding political superpowers caused the community of Kellen to vote in a new mayor -- one who was much more passionate about maintaining Kellen's independence at any cost.

This has caused a rapid transformation of Kellen from neutral trading hub to a spectacle of military defense. The walls that have traditionally surrounded the city have been replaced by stronger, thicker, and much taller versions. Kellen's walls are seventy feet tall, thirty feet thick, and made of a whitish-grey hardstone. Further improving its defensive capability is the wall's formation: a star shape that allows defenders to fire on sieges from multiple angles at once. Emplaced on the walls are massive defensive weapons either designed by Kellenites or imported from Cascadia and Balefire.

Inside the town's walls, the brick and dirt roads are wide enough to accommodate heavy traffic from wagons and horseback, and these avenues are separate from those available to pedestrians. The largest buildings in town are longhouses with distinctive rounded rooftops. The hefty wooden beams that support these structures are covered in carvings of welcoming totem-animals and other traditional symbols of good fortune. Each longhouse can contain multiple large trading posts for virtually anything money can legally buy.

A fortress is located at the middle of an elaborate water moat. Bright green vines snake up and around the cut stone. The moat is decorated with mossy stone statues of old heroes and monsters from Debonese mythology, each one jutting out of the middle of the water.
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