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Imythess News, 05/16/2018

Joined: July 7th, 2010, 4:31 pm

May 16th, 2018, 11:58 am #1

Imythess has been updating frequently, so don't miss anything new. Check the main Announcements forum to make sure you've read all the recent changes.

Imythess News, 05/16/2018
  • The following GRPs have been soft-closed:
    • Harvest
    • Taras Arena Rewards Any Sluggers
    "Soft-closed" means that if you already are working on finishing a run of this GRP, you can still finish it later and turn it in for rewards (you'll just have to dig them up in the IC Activity Archives forum). People just can't create new topics for them.

    The availability of the Guided Role-Plays feature in the future depends on demand. If demand is low, we'll begin to retire more GRPs. Looking for a GRP to do? As of this writing, no one has yet completed The Lantern Burns, Thrill of Pursuit, or Loremaster.
  • There is a new information topic for the Suggestions forum, aptly titled Information: Suggestions. This replaces the old info from back during my early administration.
  • I noticed that a few members, not just one or two, are having trouble finding the old Character Flaws. This is probably because I never announced where the heck I moved them. (Sorry about that). If you ever need to find them, click on the forum we use for lore, the Imythess Traveler's Guide. Character Flaws is located in the "Lore Archives" subforum of that.

    We use Lore Archives to house very old lore that isn't used widely by the community anymore, but is still kept in a public place for those who do want to use it. We got rid of Character Flaws as an official system and made it into a lore article because we felt that it wasn't helping people design well-rounded characters. Back in the day, some people would build their whole character's personality around their flaw list. A person is more than their flaws, though -- and without any personality strengths to balance those out, characters tend to get a little unsustainable and gimmicky.

    Have an idea for a feature similar to Character Flaws but encourages well-rounded character design? We're not actively looking for a replacement, but I'm open to ideas if you have any. Pop it into Suggestions and I'll give it a good look.
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