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Heaven's Shadow

Joined: October 31st, 2013, 4:32 pm

August 9th, 2018, 7:20 pm #1

Veanna Chelscion

Gender: Female
Age: appears about 25
Species: Demon: Mammon/Succubus (she really isn't either, but close enough)
Class: Shadowdancer
Occupation: Guild Mistress of the Divschatten
Nationality: Abyssal

Primary Element: Darkness
Secondary Element: Unholy (Abyss)

Appearance: Veanna currently possesses AD's physical form, but she has more then enough skill to alter it into something more befitting her lovely self. While still only 5' 8" and 147 lbs, she doesn't have an once of excess anywhere she doesn't want it. She has a very curvy hourglass figure with shapely hips and bust that AD herself would find a bit excessive. Her long hair is thick and deep purple in color, so much so that it can be mistaken for black. She favors a slight wave in it, but it naturally wants to be a little more curly. She can change it at a whim though, not bothering with the fuss of actually going through the process of styling it. Her skin is a rich chocolate brown and flawless, not a scar, freckle, stray hair, or acne mark can be seen. Her eyes are black, though she can change the color on a whim. She favors all black because people seem to have trouble reading her gaze that way. With her many secrets, she feels this is best.

Personality & History: Veanna is very cautious and devout for someone who is supposed to be a chaotic demon. A lot of this has to do with how she came into being... She is actually a part of Aether Draka that was purposely locked away as "separate" not soon after AD came to Imythess. It was much longer before AD locked away her more angelic side, separating it as well. Veanna soon started gaining her own personality and abilities as an isolated part of AD because of the divine powers flowing in Imythess at the time. When the God's "left" the surge of power created Veanna as her own being and soul, but not her own body. She is fearful that she will become entrapped by AD, so instead she gains control and acts on her own in an attempt to find freedom.

Veanna is a devote follower of the Demonic Prince Chel, a demon with 13 different aspects covering all "flavors of demon kind" in the Abyss. Due to this she has gained her demonic grandmother's blessing and many powers. She sees luck and unluck as warnings coming from one or more of her grandmother's aspects. Good things come to those who offer sacrifice to the Demon Princes.

However, she sees these things as very personal and will never speak to anyone about them. Instead she is flirtatious, "hint" dropping, curious, and more then a little manipulative when she decides she actually wants something. She is very laid back for the most part, preferring to gain something for nothing, or next to nothing. Things she likes are fine food, clothing, and "atmosphere"... the more expensive, the less she is willing to pay for it, but the more she wants it. Dealings with others are games to her, as she sees emotions as something to play with. She does like loyalty and those who keep their word though, and she has little interest in physical combat or even physical romance unless something can be gained from it. She lacks the typical soul-draining kiss of demons like her, though she can heal herself from combat by draining blood with just a touch. In a fight, Veanna fights dirty, but she would rather have others do the fighting for her.
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