Gwilikith Mountain Range

A treacherous mountain range running north-south through eastern Imythess.

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Gwilikith Mountain Range Running from north to south on the northeastern side of the Imythessian landmass, the Gwikilith range stands as a formidable barrier to travel. Although less severe than its northern cousins, and not quite as tall, the majority of its peaks are still capped in snow and ice year round, and often obscured by cloud cover in any case. Many of these mountains are volcanic in origin. While the vast majority are either dormant or extinct, there are still one or two active peaks, Therab being chief among them. For the most part the entire region is forested, tending toward deciduous vegetation in the lower elevations and evergreen in the upper.

The Gwikilith range is broad and filled with peaks that are at least ten-thousand feet tall, with narrow valleys carved by glacier-fed rivers and streams separating them. It is a sparsely inhabited region. Even though there are roads into the heart of the mountains, it is a decidedly risky proposition for travel, especially given the ease with which highwaymen and other unsavory creatures could ambush such travelers. This is a land of beatific vales, rivers, and crystalline lakes.
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