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Grp: Guilty pleasures - Dance the Waves

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August 19th, 2018, 1:52 pm #1

The Skua rocked and bobbed in the foggy night as Wren, finally, was permitted to return to her quarters.

The desk was covered in various colors and crayons, the remains of Plork and his ideas of helping. Though they weren't bad it was difficult to not find the Enkandia both simultaneously irritating and humorous as well. It was like a small puppy, too much energy coupled with the overwhelming desire to please.

Various colors dotted many pages in swirls and twists. Plork had drawn pictures and added glitter and glue and several were stuck together and a page still hung by an edge from the desk where most of her letters and such had worked its way. She still couldn't get it off after Plork dropped the bottle on her desk to "hang up all the pretties" that now adorned the window above her desk.

Sighing with relief that she could rest and relax she walked into the room, Net'tle following behind her and shut the door. The cat jumped to the desk and took its usual spot next to the lantern where it could throw its forepaws on anything she was working whenever it desired. She had never had a cat before and well... kinda wished she might have had one. They were annoying sure, but there was a certain... calm that they brought. An ease that no one seemed to notice but her. Or maybe it was her lack of encounters with them.

Her mind drifted to other thoughts of the day as she scribbled to transcribe Kimos latest research to the journal and the artistry.

She growled and scratched at her head as she tried to force herself to think through all the happenings and the days events.

Stepping lightly, moving arm in arm with Nari.

Flipping her old leather journal she stopped, staring at the now blank page.

Net'tle scratched an itch behind his ear and laid down, its paws batting at a loose strand of bonding string before yawning and stared at her.

“It was my first time tonight. Dancing. Festivals. Dresses.” She looked down to the somehow still mostly together peacock gown. The shades of green and blue shimmered in the candlelight.

She slumped back into the seat and sighed. Her mind couldn't focus tonight it seemed. Scratching the cats ear she sighed, “Everything's just going so fast. And after tonight… my head.”

Net'tle gave a sighting growl and got up only to move over her work and sprawl itself over it. She blinked as he looked at her and closed its eyes.

Growling herself she looked to the cat as he laid there,  she knew there was no way she could move him.

Laying her head back her mind drifted once more.

Spinning lights, careful steps, music wafting on

She opened her eyes again and looked to the side where a small mirror was.

Getting up she saw herself in the lantern light and studied the woman in front of her.

Spinning and spinning and gliding, plorks squeal of happiness.

She pulled her hair our of the tail and let it fall.

Gentle movements, Nari’s surprise

The dress was still in good shape… well, everything above her knees were.

Moving slow and dipping and whirling.

She paused and took in a breath and checked outside in the hall. No one.

The window was clear of all but ocean

She hesitated and decided against locking the door. Just in case.

Moving to the center of the room she spun and held her hands about where Nari's were.

And recalling the movements and music

Began to dance.