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The Risen Republic

]The republic of Taras is the largest city-state in Imythess in terms of total urban area. The city itself extends across a large section of Imythess' west-central coastline, forming huge districts that are linked by canal networks, stone-paved bridgeways and ribbon sprawl. Five years ago demons laid waste to the city center, forcing displaced citizens to pick through the ruins and plan their rise from the ashes. Leaving the tough old ruins intact in memory of the tragedy, they built a new city center on top of the old one. This still-inhabited undercity is called the Ash District after the choking layer of grey that still covers every surface. The reconstruction of the city was only possible through the diligence of the Benefactors, a small group of wealthy patrons, and the drive of numerous volunteers

The "new Taras" was supposed to be shining and pristine, and indeed some districts are. However, it is easy to tell that the city has been growing beyond its means, and far too quickly at that. In anticipation of a population boom, many districts contain oversized travelways and multi-level residential complexes intended to pack as many people into a small space as possible. Large sections of the rebuilt city are underpopulated or abandoned as the city's population has yet to rebound. Adding to these issues is the rotten core of the government, as certain Benefactors have contracted low-quality building materials for poorly designed structures, especially in the poorer districts, while accepting kickbacks. Fires and collapses are as common in some areas of Taras as they are in much older cities.

The natural areas around Taras are hilly heath. There are almost no trees; instead, the area is covered in tough, short, scrubby plants growing densely from the hard-packed ground. Grassy barrier dunes and salt marshes are common along the coastline wherever the docklands have not extended.

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The House is currently accepting the following bets:

Overall Tournament Winners

Guess the top three winners of the Tabula Rasa tournament in order (Example: 1. Alexander Kaesar, 2. Arven, 3. Leonidas Borgalion). The minimum buy-in is 50 gold.

Deadline: End of Round 1

Arena Locations

Guess the next four arena locations (for rounds 2-5), including the primary forum and subforum (Example: Dragonspine Mountains>Dragonmount). The minimum buy-in is 20 gold.

Deadline: End of Each Round

Match-Ups: Round 2

Guess the Round 2 competitor match-ups (Example: 1. Alexander Kaesar vs. Vaniki Vanidus, 2. Leonidas Borgalion vs. Sir Norberto, 3. Shoko Katriva vs. Yanai, 4. Tiffany Nolan vs. Arven). The minimum buy-in is 20 gold.

Deadline: End of Each Round

Call Your Own Bet

Call your own bet. No minimum, but the bookie or another player must accept your bet!

Deadline: None
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  • To place a bet, post IC in this thread with a character not in the tournament. Interact with Pyx, the game's bookie, and give him your bet for approval.
  • You can bet items instead of/in addition to gold. If betting items, please provide their street value (i.e., their shop resale value). The combined street value of items and gold that you bet must meet or exceed the minimum buy-in for each bet. You cannot bet starting items.
  • Once your bet is approved, post OOC in the Sales Counter to finalize your bet. Snellopy will hold all wagered gold and items for us.
  • It's only necessary to post IC once to place a bet. However, you can also hang out to cheer on your favorite competitors for a chance to earn more gold.
  • Rewards will be handed out at the end of each round or at the end of the tournament, depending on the bet.
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You are competing with your fellow gamblers to guess the outcome of the tournament with the best accuracy.

Betting System: This game uses a pool system, meaning that all wagered gold and items will be placed together in a pool, and rewards will be handed out to the winners from the pool. There will be no house profits, and the house will even be adding some bonus gold into the pool to make the rewards more lucrative.

Win Criteria: You "win" if any of your guesses are correct (i.e., if at least one guess is correct, you will receive some gold back from the pool). The amount of gold you receive will depend on the accuracy of your guesses relative to the other participants. Example: If I guess one of the top three winners of the tournament, but someone else guesses two of them, we both receive gold but the person with 2 correct answers will receive more.

Will I Lose Gold? You might! However, all of the "house" gold will be returned to the participants by the end of the event, and side challenges will be offered if there is interest, so there should be several opportunities for you to earn your gold back!

Side Challenges: Several side challenges will be offered for gamblers/audience members who decide to hang out in the IC thread. These will give you a chance to earn extra gold.

What if I decide to drop out? That's totally fine! Anyone can join or leave the IC topic at any time. Your gold will be considered committed once your bet is placed in the Sales Counter, but you are not required to participate after that's done. Once the round or tournament is complete, you will be rewarded the appropriate amount of gold based on the outcome.

What if I join late? Also totally fine! Many of the bets are round-based, so you can join late and still participate.

What if the whole thing falls apart? Snellopy has custody of everyone's gold and items, and can re-distribute them if everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

Further questions? Post them here!

An old wooden sign hung over an old wooden door, its hinges rusted and creaking. On the sign was painted a rota fortunae and the head of a fool, their once-bright colors long faded. To casual passers-by the door seemed to lead nowhere in particular, for being sandwiched in between two adjacent shops it could hardly accommodate a narrow alleyway, let alone a business. But those brave few who know that things can sometimes be more than what they seem might find treasure within, if they chose.

The door opened to reveal a long hallway, richly furnished, yet dimly lit. As the door closed the sounds from the street outside faded perhaps more than they should, and the lights in the hall grew brighter. The hallway extended what seemed farther than the length of the building, and at its end a set of stairs led down to the door of the basement below.

The large basement room was dizzying to most, at first, as reality blended with the edges of enchantment. Near the main door was an ordinary tavern, brightly lit, clean, and with friendly staff and décor. A life-size statue of a dwarf stood next to the bar, a warhammer in his right hand and a mug of ale in his left. On the far side from the door were four enchantments, in which cast illusions brought an arctic winter into the tavern with such realistic fabrication that it felt strange to be without a heavy coat, though the temperature in the room was comfortable. Four pairs of competitors fought in a snowy arena that started just a few feet from the end of the farthest tables and extended out into the depths of the Northern Reaches. The few audience members who had already arrived cheered on their favorites over a meal and a mug of ale.

Pyx sat at a table off to the side, a cap on his head and a drink at hand, counting the patrons' gold and scrawling names and wagers in a ledger. Behind him on a wall was a board that listed the current bets offered by the house. A bell rang somewhere nearby, signaling the start of the game. Pyx dutifully put down his quill and walked over to a small stage placed in front of the room, flaring his cloak dramatically and raising his hands for the room's attention.

"Guests! Our esteemed patron, Snellopy Stonewill, has opened the Tabula Rasa tournament!"

*Polite Applause*

Pyx gestured to the illusioned scenes behind him. "Behold, your competitors! Traveled from distant lands anear and afar to the Northern Reaches, and brought here to you in a humble-yet-clean tavern in Taras by the great and enchanted powers of Snell-o-vision, to fight, and mayhap to nearly die, for glory, for honor, for heaps of glistening gold, and above all for your entertainment!"

*Enthusiastic Applause*

"Let the wagering begin!"

Pyx bowed with another flare of his coat, stepped down from the stage, and resumed his seat to begin taking wagers from the tavern's patrons.