Dragonspine Mountains

Mountains even more perilous than Gwilikith, where dragons rule.

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Dragon Spine Mountains The Dragonspine range runs from coast to coast across the far northern reaches of Imythess. These immense peaks are capped in snow and ice year-round, and quite often the snowfields extend below the treeline for much of the year as well. There are very few passes that penetrate beyond the foothills of these mountains, and even fewer that extend through the the Frozen North beyond. Travel is extraordinarily perilous through these mountains and valleys, for the weather can shift suddenly, bringing on blizzards and gale force winds at any time and in any season. Winter does not entirely loosen its grip here, especially in the upper elevations -- and in the heart of winter, these wild places are completely impassable.

This is perhaps one of the most sparsely populated regions in Imythess. The mountains themselves are steep-sided, rugged, and impressively tall, towering over their southeastern cousins. Many of the grey stone peaks are immense, thrusting like teeth from the earth. The mountainous terrain is cut with extremely narrow valleys, many of them glacially carved and therefore too steep to be scaled into or out of. Rivers that run these courses are often swift and violent, and not easily crossed due to their swift current and frigid temperatures.

It is easy to become lost within this range. There are dangers beyond the terrain worthy of concern, for in the not-so-distant past this range of mountains was the home of great winged lizards, and in places their signs can still be easily seen. Despite all the peril, though, it is a beautiful land: blanketed evergreen trees dotted with alpine lakes and streams.
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