Debon Plains

This land in central Imythess stretches far before the eye.

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The Debon Plains These plains are expansive and filled with diverse cultures, but are some of the least population-dense areas in Imythess. Long stretches of flat ground are occasionally broken up by sharp hills. Depending on the region, the plains might consist of seemingly endless carpets of shortgrass or difficult-to-traverse, buggy, humid tallgrass where stems can match the height of a rider on horseback. Shallow valleys, swamps, vernal pools and riverbeds -- places where trees will grow -- can offer meager respite from the oppressive sun.

The only maintained roads in this region are used as major trading corridors. Since most of the locals are nomadic, there are very few permanent settlements outside the Kellen area. Views can be visually impressive. The plains are covered in flowers during spring or after a natural fire, and the area is full of animals that collect into truly enormous herds. Giant monsters and other colossal beings wander the vast expanse of untamed wilderness unhindered.

The southern brushlands are where Debon transitions into a more arid landscape. This tough, scruffy, rocky savanna contains many small outposts along the roads.
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