Cascadia, the Waterfall City

This floating city looms ominously in the air, waterfalls falling from its edges.

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Cascadia The Waterfall City rests on a floating chunk of landmass nearly three-hundred feet in the air above Richimon Lake. Stretching a mile high and ten wide, Cascadia is a mix of old and new construction. Along its sheer cliff faces lies the hanging remnants of ancient temples to wind, raging waters and storm and hundreds of openings for violent waterfalls and ancient tunnels. The tunnel network fills the entire core of the island: part ruin, part illegal slum and part criminal underbelly dedicated to black markets and hideouts. The catacombs all head towards the rip in the material plane that keeps Cascadia suspended. This rift is a sphere of storms, wind, and howling rain that fills the tunnels at its base with the water that provides the falls.

A third of the modern cliff face is overtaken by the major airshipyards, a sprawling construction with piers that reach a mile into the open sky. Torrents of lightning dance across their lower reaches, signs of the elementals powering the veritable army of cranes, saws and forges required to build airships. Thick webs of of steel suspend half-finished airships, and tens of thousands of magical lights keep the shipyards operating clean into the night. From the shipyards hangs hundreds of massive pennants and banners proclaiming the individual teams and classes of ships built at each segment.

Along the upper quarter of the cliff is the ring of ports and warehouses that power Cascadia's economic might. The vast majority of Imythess's airship trade stops or stays overnight in Cascadia's merchant docks, and the sky about the Waterfall City is chaotic swarm of airships coming and going. The trade is kept barely in check by towers checkered with powerful lights that issue signals to the surrounding ships, guiding each one safely into dock. The city sprawls above this, coating Cascadia with a vast webwork of buildings housing the wealthy, the families of Cascadia's oldest tradesmen and business. The narrow streets are strung with webs of colorful flags and artistic signs for each business. The city is remarkably safe thanks to the presence of small Air Navy outposts dotted along the city.
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