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Info [table=1,,1] [b]Announcements Key [/b] [c] [list] [*] [b][Event] [/b] - Events, competitions, and giveaways.
[*] [b][GRP] [/b] - New GRPs or GRP-related news.
[*] [b][Plot] [/b] - Plot-related information.
[*] [b][Shop] [/b] - Updated or new shops and retirement of items.
[*] [b][News] [/b] - General board announcements.
[list] [*] [b]Example: [/b] Added a new theme, temporary site/CBox unavailability, promotions, forums rearranged, etc. [/list] [*] [b][Sys] [/b] - Big changes to the way the board is set up or how we handle the shops (the "system").
[list] [*] [b]Example: [/b] Conversion to ZetaBoards, addition of RPer levels, addition of fighter abilities, etc. [/list] [/list] [/table]
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