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June 1st, 2018, 5:59 pm #1

Hello any who reads this,
I'm going to start writhing on this forum again, mostly under the misty hills and Norwood threads since those are the two main regions a wood-elf can habitate and use his abilities within. I had started posts a few years ago, if I can find them, I'll continue them.
If not I'm available to start a new thread with someone if you already have one open to join in on.
I am a multy paragraph writer, and seek someone who can write as much as me.
I haven't written as well as I used to write in ages, but know that if I keep writing at least my skills will not be lost on me and may improve back into their prior state of quality.

I will probably go run my elf around killing monsters and other combative play until I deem it necessary to add a plot to it.
Anyone who finds my posts on the two threads I mentioned may PM me if interested in Joining and we can work out any questions or details to improve the play.
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Hello person of whom I have no idea who you were!

So I got two characters that are always up for a show.

Marie Thlydd: A planeswalker from a currently unnamed world who is just hanging around Imythess for a bit.

Wren: An Azathani (ED has a small summary of this race) from the future who is here to help stop the destruction of everything. May or may not actually believe the world is worth saving. Warning: Is an emo.
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June 1st, 2018, 8:02 pm #3

Hello person who I also have no knowledge of.

I have two or three chars you might be interested in.

I have Arthur the Half-Dragon: He is my main. He is a sellsword who only sells his sword to justice. But he is also an adventurer and has been around the world many times.

Alexander Kaesar: Human mercenary my attempt at darkness. He not like Arthur he kills without mercy and his dispassionate and cold. But he doesn't hurt innocent people and takes his contracts wherever. Kind of like a Black Knight almost. Think Thomas Wayne in where he becomes Batman instead of his son Bruce.

James Reese: A recent char. He just found his way into Imythess through strange means. he is from our world. And is currently trying to find his way in this one.

I have others in my Alt list. The only ones not avalaible are Ganon and Joran.