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Therab the Volcano
One must either be very brave or very fool-hardy to go into this place. Most of the caves that pocket the volcano lead to its fiery center where the lava boils.

It has not erupted in many years and the Deep Cities are far enough away that if (or when) it does erupt, the city will not be too affected by it, except some tunnels may be in peril of being filled in.

A Wedding, A Wedding

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As the sun started to rise over the Monastery, Hollis looked at the small wedding party. It consisted of her half-sister, her mother, and the one groomsmen that they could find, a friend of AD's. Hollis took a deep breath and looked at her Grandmother, a woman that she had only known a short time, but a woman that had paid for more than Hollis had expected.

As the elderly elf came up to give Hollis a hug, the half Celestial being hugged her new family member tightly. As they pulled apart, two small tears ran down one of Hollis' cheeks. The elf lifted her hand and whipped away the tears and then kissed each cheek. She turned around and spoke to the group before her. "Alright, everyone. It's time! Flower girls, after I take my spot, the music will start, and then you two will walk out. Once they're halfway up, you two will walk out"- she indicated towards AD and the demon that came in with her. Hollis had to admit, the large, kind of intimidating being scared her a touch. That was when Grandma turned to Hollis' and her mother. "Then the music will change again and you two will walk out." She walked to the curtain covering the wedding party from the small group of mostly students. "Good luck, dearies!" And with that, the wedding party was left.

Dawn ran over to give Hollis a hug, and then the music started. She ran back to the other flower girl, and the two of them started walking out. Hollis smiled over to her sister. Though she and AD hadn't gotten to know each other as well as she would've liked, things had worked out well enough. Hollis made a point to sit and talk with AD before she did anything after the wedding. She watched as AD and Lynth walked up behind Dawn and Arnir. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she heard them go through the curtain, pair at a time, slowly.

Then, it was her turn. She looped her arm through her moms and slowly walked out of the curtain...

Hollis' eyes landed on Kaess and that was the only thing she saw. He looked so dashing in his robe. Hollis felt a little self-conscious. She had opted to go with a full dress and not the robe. Her dress was strapless, and elegant, going all the way to her feet where she had on simple flat white shoes. The little embroidering’s of the pattern on the wall from when Hollis had first come to the monastery had made Hollis smile right away.

After a moment, she broke her look with Kaess to smile at those around her. She and Kaess had chosen to not have chairs, seeing as the ceremony and reception were in the same room, and ceremony would not be too long. Hollis' eyes landed on the table behind Kaess and his father that had the food and drinks for everyone to enjoy after everything was said and done.

Hollis tried to ignore the figure in the dark grey suite standing off to the side from the main group as she stood behind the shear fabric. She kept facing forward as her mother lead her from behind the fabric and down the aisle. Everyone stepped to the side and watched her as she watched the look on Kaess' face. As Narah started to play Hollis' wedding march, she and Angel, Hollis' mother, started walking down the aisle. A small tear started to run down her cheek as she stepped up to Kaess, and Angel put her hand in his.

Hollis whipped the tear away as Kaess flipped her veil over her head and grabbed her hands. She smiled at him before looking to his father, who was marrying them.

[Redfiver was going write his dad's part, which was most of ceremony, and would have gone here.]

After the two kissed, Hollis hugged Kaess closely and then turned to everyone. "Shall we party now?" She said and then laughed, kissing Kaess once more on the cheek, smiling lovingly at him as her sisters ran up and hugged her.

~ ~ ~

[Narah's point of View]

The bride stood up in front of the small group gathered and raised her glass for a toast. Unlike most weddings I'd been to, this couple opted to have both the wedding and the reception in one room, with most everyone standing around the alter. It was small, and intimate, and just what I would have expected from the groom. The bride was a very vibrate woman, almost child-like it how high energy she was.

I watched as everyone gathered close, and grew quiet, looking up to Hollis. "Thank you for everyone who has made it here today. I know many of my family members wish that I had known Kaess longer, but, when the heart knows what it wants, it knows what it wants." She smiled to her mother with a knowing look. I wondered again what that look meant because I'd seen it a few times today. "Thank you, again, for coming this evening. Enjoy the music from a local Kellen performer. Ms. Stronghold." She raised her glass to me and smiled. I walked up to the mic and cleared my throat.

"As Mrs. Draka said, I'm a performer at The Swarthy Hog in Kellen. But, we're not here to plug local performers. We're here to celebrate the loving union of the two over there." I raised my glass of water back to the two of them to cheer them. "Thank you two for bringing us together today. This one is dedicated to the new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kaess!" I looked at Shan and nodded, and then we kicked the music up, and everyone started dancing.

I smiled to myself as I sang the third song of the evening, Shan would be up next. I looked around the room, watching Victoria as she weaved through the crowd easily. I was really glad that Mrs. Draka had agreed to allow my father and my adopted sister to cater the bar for the wedding. As much as I was okay with crowds, it was easier knowing that they were here.

~ ~ ~

[Back to Hollis' view]

Hollis smiled as Narah and Shan started playing. She was very glad that the complicated part of today was over and now she and Kaess could just enjoy their time together, with their loved ones. She would have to thank Kaess's father again for the beautiful ceremony. She smiled to her love as everyone started dancing.

About an hour later, Hollis walked over to the table they had set up for food and drink to get herself some more punch. She felt her father's presence before she heard his voice. "Beautiful wedding, wonderful reception, my dear." Hollis froze and took a deep breath. She had only invited this man because Kaess had asked her too. She had no desire to speak or see him again, not after he walked out on her, her mother, and her sister.

Hollis slowly turned around and looked at the dragon in front of her. "Father." Her voice was stiff, and she was sure he could tell that she did not want to speak to him. "I just want to clear the air on a few things, my dear. Your mother mentioned that she was surprised that I was here, given how you felt about me." The bride slowly nodded her head, trying to focus on keeping her temper as her father spoke. She wasn't sure how she felt about the fact that he and her mother had spoken, let alone spoken about her. "I was hoping you'd come back with me, so I could show you why I left?"

Hollis almost wanted to start yelling at this man. He thought he had a right to ask her to go with him, so he could show her why he left them?? He thought he had a right to ask her to do anything?! He thought he had a right to speak to Hollis at all?!? Hollis closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I can't do this right now. We'll talk after everyone that isn't staying here leaves." Hollis started to walk away to go to the bathroom and splash some water on her face but was stopped by a hand on her arm. She looked down and followed it to the man that was speaking. "Please, Holly, dear, give me a chance to explain. Give me a chance to talk to you about everything that was going on, everything that has happened to me..."

A fire lit in Hollis then. "I said after the reception. I suggest you let go of my arm before I really lose my temper..." He let her arm fall, and Hollis ran off to the bathroom. Her youngest sister ran after her, seeing the whole thing happen. Madison was just behind Hollis as the door shut and locked.

"Hollis, are you ok? Who was that guy? What did he say to upset you?" Clearly, Madison was too young to remember who that was, Hollis thought. "Please, Madi, leave me alone. I need some space and time to cool off. If you want to know who that is, go talk to mom." Her voice was still cold, and though Hollis felt bad about being that icy to her sister, who didn't know any better, she felt that she had to be in order to make Madison see that she needed the space.

~ ~ ~

[Narah's view]

I had taken a break, Shan was covering the stage for the moment, while I got the chance to eat something. Soon, we’d be switching spots so that he could get something to eat while I preformed for a couple songs solo. I sat quietly, near the bathrooms, out of the way, so I watched as the bride jetted for the bathroom after some sort of confrontation. Vicky had been closer because she was watching over the table, so she came to sit down with me.

"Did you see that?" She whispered to me. I nodded slowly while I ate a chocolate covered strawberry. I wasn't a big fan of strawberries, but this I would eat. "I wonder what happened..." She whispered again as the little sister ran past us to try and talk to the bride. I nodded slowly again. "But, it's none of our business, Victoria. Don't go meddling where you don't belong, sis. Don won't be happy. He's been talking about trying to get some kind of catering thing up and running, so if this goes off without a hitch, you could be working outside the tavern a lot more often..." I smiled at her then and took a swig of my punch. Unlike my lovely sister, I chose to keep my drinks nonalcoholic when I was on the clock. Though, Vicky never got wasted, she did tend to get a little tipsy on occasion.

I finished my drink and food as Shan finished up his last solo song. I stood up as the mother of the bride walked down to the bathroom to try and talk some sense into the bride. It looked like some of the guests were starting to mingle towards the door. Not everyone, but a nice group.

~ ~ ~

[Hollis' View]

Hollis sat down on the floor of the bathroom, leaning against the door, and let her mind go blank as she heard the footsteps of her sister slowly start to leave. She heard then as her sisters and her mother started speaking, their worried voices muffled as they carried through the door. Hollis drowned them out, even as she thought she might have heard Kaess' among them. She didn't know how long she sat there, but, clearly it had been too long. She heard the soft knock that startled her. "Holl? It's me, your mom. Everyone's getting ready to leave, and I feel like it would be better if the bride was there to see them off with her new husband instead of her mother."

Hollis quickly got up and ran to the mirror. "Ok, mama, I'll be out in a couple minutes!" She yelled through the door as she started to clean her face from the dried tears. She splashed water on her face and fixed her hair and makeup after drying her face before speed walking out to the reception.

About a half hour later, everyone was in their beds, whether borrowed or not, or on their way home. Everyone except Hollis and her family, who were out in the large courtyard so that they could be as loud as they wanted and not worry as much about disturbing anyone. "Dad, I'm not going with you!" Hollis yelled at her father as her mother tried to mediate the two of them. Her two younger sisters sat nearby, wanting to help, but unsure how. Kaess came over then, and Hollis told him that she would be heading to bed soon.

"Holl, maybe it would be good for you to go with him, see his world." Angel, Hollis' mom, spoke softly to Hollis. "It might help you see who he is and understand your father better."

Hollis turned to her mother then. "Oh, what do you care?? You've got your life all squared with John, or whatever his name is and my sisters. Your life is just perfect now, isn’t it, mother? Why should you care what happens to your married daughter?" As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Hollis could tell that she'd hurt her mother's feelings, but in that moment she hadn't cared. She took a big breath to clear her emotions, closing her eyes in the process for a brief moment and then looked to her mother. "Sorry, that was harsh, but I don't see what I could gain from going."

Angel laid a hand on the arms of her daughter and her ex-husband, and spoke to both of them. "The two of you need to spend some time together, whether it's here or in your environment, Teva. You two don't know enough about each other, and Hollis," Angel raised her voice a touch then because she could tell that her daughter was going to try and argue, "I know you are perfectly content not knowing anything about your father, but the fact of the matter is, he is your father, and he wants to get to know you."

Hollis stood there for a moment and thought. She knew she had a lot of negative emotions towards her father, and knew that keeping him here would not be smart. After a moment of debating, she nodded slowly. "Fine, I'll go with him. But on my terms. Tomorrow morning, before dawn hits and everyone's awake, we'll head out to your place, but I want to spend one night with my husband before being pulled away. Goodnight." With that, she turned and walked away, having no intentions of telling Kaess that she would be leaving in the morning before dawn, and before he awoke...
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