A Rare Ore, Lets get it! [P Summer RPathon]

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Fixitt had heard of a rare mineral in the Kristalli mountains to the south of Istan, just north of Choer. He had no idea what it was called, only that it looked dark blue, little was known about it, so he planned an expedition into the mountains to search for the ore. He managed to get the Ivory League to fund it, they would get a majority of the ore and Fixitt would get enough for his own experiments, so now Fixitt was part of a small group of people lead by some Ivory League paper pusher that was sent fresh into the field.

It was hot even in the mountains, the Kristalli mountains were made of odd light reflective crystals, some of which created illusions of light that hid nooks and crannies that could hold the precious ore.

Fixitt wore his normal brown suit with a red tie, a hat with a red feather in it, and black dress shoes. Beneath his suit he was mostly made of metal, all four limbs were some kind of weaponized prosthetic, but he hid them with clothing and wore gloves. He wasn't exactly 'combat ready' compared to some of the warriors here, but that was because he was a doctor and engineer, he just knew a thing or two about fighting and was chosen as one of the people to enter a cave system. He was told to only go a few hours deep and mark areas with special magi-tech beacons to help light their way back. He took a handful of the spiked beacons, he could easily stab them into a wall or the ground and they'd stick and glow, letting people follow them back to the surface.

Fixitt grinned as he began to move towards the cave entrance, slowly taking off his gloves so he could have access to his mechanical arms.
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