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The Debon Plains These plains are expansive and filled with diverse cultures, but are some of the least population-dense areas in Imythess. Long stretches of flat ground are occasionally broken up by sharp hills. Depending on the region, the plains might consist of seemingly endless carpets of shortgrass or difficult-to-traverse, buggy, humid tallgrass where stems can match the height of a rider on horseback. Shallow valleys, swamps, vernal pools and riverbeds -- places where trees will grow -- can offer meager respite from the oppressive sun.

The only maintained roads in this region are used as major trading corridors. Since most of the locals are nomadic, there are very few permanent settlements outside the Kellen area. Views can be visually impressive. The plains are covered in flowers during spring or after a natural fire, and the area is full of animals that collect into truly enormous herds. Giant monsters and other colossal beings wander the vast expanse of untamed wilderness unhindered.

The southern brushlands are where Debon transitions into a more arid landscape. This tough, scruffy, rocky savanna contains many small outposts along the roads.

A Once and Future Arthur [Short Story. DNR. GRP]

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A breeze blew through the small settlement it was a pleasant cool breeze. On this hot day that was needed. The sun beat down on the little town in the Debon Plains. But the heat did not bother one man. One man sat on a porch his legs kicked up on a railing and leaning back in a chair. His eyes were closed as he dozed as if the heat had no effect on him. It didn’t heat never bothered this man. Of course, this man was no normal man. He was not a man at all in fact. He was half-dragon. Arthur dozed lazily in the chair. A day of rest and contentment so rare even for Arthur.

He had finished his contract with this settlement just yesterday. Bandits had been harassing this town causing a great deal of trouble. Arthur had settled that pretty quickly. Those bandits were now mostly dead or about to be. Arthur had decided to rest up at the towns only inn. Drinks had been bought for him in plenty as well as food. A few women even tried to catch his eye. One succeeded a Kitsune by the name of Karen. They had spent the night together.

Arthur had headed down the following morning to eat. Then he had planned to head out. But he decided he would hang around for bit and rest. After all he deserved it. So here he sat in the hot early morning sun dozing in a chair. He could hear footsteps and someone came out the door. He opened one eye and he could see the outline tails.

It was his lady friend Karen. She saw him and he could hear her huff and he smiled slightly. He said,” Beautiful day aint it”. She stood next to him and she said,” I thought you were gone. I woke up and you weren’t there. It frightened me”. Arthur looked at her she was shaking. He brought down his feet and stood up. He towered over the Kitsune. He took her in his arms and held her tight and said,” Why would I leave without saying goodbye? Actually, why would I leave at all?” She looked at him her yellow eyes stared into his blue. There were tears forming in them.

Arthur said,” Easy now no need for those”. He brushed the tear out of her eye. She held him tighter. Woman always had a strange effect on Arthur. And he them. He could not help love them and they could not help love him. He then said” Go back to the room. I will return in a bit. Don’t worry”. She smiled at him and went back inside. Arthur smiled back at her.
How many broken hearts or lost lovers had he left behind him in his years adventuring. Too many to count. He always promised to return but never had. He knew he had to and resolved to do so. But not yet now he had another thing in his mind. A kitsune who obviously had fallen hard. He sighed and sat back down in the chair.

He looked out at the street. A voice said,” You know what you have to do right”. The voice was Danny in his head. Now a constant companion and friend. He said to her,” Yeah but I don’t like it.” She replied,” It never bothered you before.” He answered back,” I was younger then, not in age but in mindset”. He could feel her nod and she said,” You have grown since the meld”. He nodded but was brought out his thoughts by a smell a strong smell.
He sniffed the air. Magic was in the air very powerful magic and fire and brimstone. It was the smell of another dragon. He looked to the skies but saw nothing. Yet the smell was strong. He saw a lone man walking towards the inn. The man seemed familiar even from this distance. Something in the way he walked reminded him of himself. As he got closer he saw why. The man looked like a younger version of himself. Not as muscled and softer features but other than that the man looked exactly like him. Arthur’s hand went to his blade. It had sat beside him.

He buckled it expecting some kind of foul magic. Or either he had a long-lost brother he knew nothing about. The man stopped in front of him. The man no the boy studied him and said,” Arthur Mandraeg.” Arthur replied,” Depends who are you?”. The boy answered,” Alexander Mandraeg. Soris’Vaeg. Your son”. Of all the things he had expected that was not one of them. He had no sons that were that old of that he was sure. Either the boy was lying or he was mad. Yet he smelled not untruth from him.

Arthur replied,” Explain. But in the tongue of our fathers”, the boy spoke this time in the tongue of Dragons,” I was sent by you. The you from the future. He gave me a mission. I am to tell you that in a few days you will be attacked by a man named Canar Verkas. This man has been sent to the past like myself by you this time to kill you”. Arthur replied,” Why would I send a man to kill me?”. The boy explained. This Canar Verkas was also his son from the future. A Drow spawned from his time as a slave among them.

Arthur remembered now. His owner had been a Drow Noblewoman named Sadria Verkas. He sat down trying to take it all in. This was a bit much. He looked to the boy and said,” Is that it?”. The boy nodded and he asked,” Who is your mother”. The boy answered. Annaris’Vaksar he knew that name well to. One of his first adventures. He nodded and said,” What now?”. The boy replied,” I go to your father to send me back”. Arthur nodded and thanked him. He then took a look at the boy and saw the sword at his side. It had the mark of the heron and in fact was his sword that he started out with.

He smiled and said,” That sword looks good on you Alex. Treat her well and she will never let you down”. The boy nodded and then trotted off. Arthur sighed and thought about what to do. A few days and he was being sent here. Arthur could not face the attacker here to dangerous. He went to mayor’s office and told him that he sensed another danger approaching. He then told him that he would meet this danger on the outskirts and that when it came they were to shut themselves in their doors and not come out.

The mayor asked how he had learned of this. Arthur answered that his dragon sense of smell had sensed it coming. Arthur then went back to the inn and went to his room. Karen was waiting in the bed. Arthur smiled and let himself forget about the world for a while. Days later he sat on the outskirts of town. A place with a good view for anyone coming.
He noticed a shadow in the sky but he sat and waited. He heard the flapping of wings and a thump as a huge body hit the ground. Arthur said,” You know for an assassin you’re not very sneaky”.

The thing paused and replied in Drow,” How do you know what I am?”. Arthur replied and turned around and said,” You just told me”. The thing before him was half-dragon and Arthur could see the hate in its eyes. Arthur said,” Why are you here to kill me brother? Have the Drow thought one of my own kind could beat me?” The half dragon snarled and said,” I am not your brother. I am here for my own sake. I am Canar Verkas and I have come to kill you for the honor of my family.”

Arthur nodded and said,” Verkas. I know that name. A woman named Sadria was my owner in my time among them. I know of no half-dragons in the line nor why they would be allowed to live”. The half-dragon was angry and said,” You dare speak her name defiler. She was my mother and you ruined her with your foul taint. I am the result of that taint.” Arthur looked confused and said,” You are my son?” The half-dragon answered,” Yes and yourself sent me hear. From the future. I will kill you and save my mother as you should have done”.

Arthur replied,” She died then. And you think to beat me to save her. Well then”. Arthur stood up and said,” I am no easy fight son.” The half-dragon laughed and said,” You were powerful in the future but you are young now. Not as skilled I will end you quickly”. Then the half-dragon struck. His speed was amazing and his strength. Arthur barley dodged the blow. His sword was out in an instant. The next blow came and Arthur barely ducked under it at well. His blade struck his opponent and the blade bit but not deep enough.
It also let out a sound of thunder that caused his opponent to fall back. Arthur did not hesitate. He attacked his opponent going for areas that would be needed to fight with. His opponent barely held off the assault but then returned it in kind. His opponent was good very good. Obviously enhanced by his dragon form. This fight would be good.

They fought for awhile. Neither seemed to have an advantage over the other. Yet his opponent grew angrier and angrier. He was starting to loose focus. He said,” How can you be this good? You are younger and cannot be as skilled?”. Arthur replied,” You forget one thing. I am the Iron Dragon.” With that he disarmed his opponent and then kicked his opponent with all his might in the saw. His opponent was lifted off the ground and then fell back. He was stunned and then Arthur landed on top of him and brought down his blade hilt first slamming it into his head. There was a crack and his opponent lost consciousness.

His opponent detransformed and soon a young male drow lay there. He then picked up the boy and brought him into town and put him in a cell. He removed any thing from his person. He made sure to go through everything. He then turned to the jailer and said,” When he wakes up come get me”? He then went back to the inn where a frantic Kitsune was waiting. He met her with his arms and said,” I have to go. That assassin is dangerous. I have to get him where he wont do any harm. But I will be back you have my promise”. She nodded understanding and gave him a kiss.

Arthur then gathered his things and went back to the jail cell. He got out a sack and slipped it over the boys head and then over the rest of the boy. It was a Bag of Neverending Space. The boy would be safe in their if disoriented. He intened to take the boy to his fathers house and then he planned to make a foray into the dark lands to save a woman and a young drow boy.
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