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[a] Epic Initiative - Blood Bonds

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8:54 PM - Jul 11, 2018 #1

This roleplay was the conclusion to the previous Sen and Wynne adventure, and is mostly a conclusion to their current overarching character arcs, and the beginning of a new arc in terms of story.

During this roleplay, Sen and Wynne escape to Norwood, where they camp out for a bit and discuss what's going on. Sen helps Wynne with her paranoia and they bond over their similar issues. Sen is still dealing with the loss of Ana due to his brother's murder, and is starting to become more sincere with his feelings. Wynne, on the other hand, is dealing with paranoia after the disastrous effects of the events that occurred with the activism cult in Celestia, pushed further by the appearance of Lachlan, her former fiancee.

Lachlan starts becoming a problem for Wynne's psyche as he begins leaving disturbing notes in their safehouse while Wynne is asleep, causing her paranoia to worsen, as well as her hopelessness. Sen tries to help her out with this, and slowly, Wynne gains some more confidence, as well as a new confidant and friend in Sen, and vice-versa.

The two train together to become stronger, and they both further their links with their respective extraplanar entities. Wynne gets a brand new unique weapon, as well as Sen, and both unlock new powers - Wynne with supersonic flight, and Sen gets smoke abilities. Using these, they do battle with Ned and Lachlan, with the two antagonists dying by their hand- Lachlan from a puncture wound, and Ned from orbital death.

Their fight drastically changes the politics of Norwood, which is now in shambles due to the firestorm that Ned sets off, drastically worsened by the damage from the explosion by Sen. The High King and Queen have fled, and Sen suspects that the government of the Ivory League had a hand in trying to kill him.

So yeah, huge and I think this deserves epic initiative status.
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hoo boy now its my turn

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The thread pretty much plays out exactly how Sen explained it, ending with Sen and Wynne's temporary goodbyes (and confirmation of a budding relationship, which will, of course, continue further on in the future, once other matters are attended to.)

While a lot certainly happens action-wise, I feel like there was still just as much character development here as in the last roleplay, especially on Wynne's side with her paranoia and anxiety, eventually being able to overcome some of her anxiety. Wynne has also helped Sen with letting go of his own past (and to make sure he recognizes that Ned has to be dealt with, blood ties or not,) and the two create something halfway between a friendship and a relationship (but knowing them, they're going to keep calling it a friendship for a very, very long time. Still haven't lost any of that stubbornness!)
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Your Initiative has been accepted. Keep telling stories, mates! It won't count as canon for Imythess itself, what with the drastic changes to the kingdom of Norwood and such, but it can be canonical for your own characters (others don't have to accept your events)
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