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The Muse

Full Name: Chiba Jun
Alias: Yomi
Band: Nightmare
Birthday: July 14th
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Hasn’t been thought about.

Year: Junior
Dorm: Natsu
Room number: 4

Height: 5’1
Weight: Usually somewhere between 110 – 130 range
Hair color: Within shades of brown.
Eye color: Dark brown. Sometimes gray with the help of contacts.
Special Characteristics: There’s nothing that really stands out. Besides his height. He’s a short-ass. He’s also got quite a few scars to map out being a dumb rough-and-tumble teenager.

Likes: People. Alcohol. Disney – dear god, don’t get him started on the Disney. Travel. Boobs. Things that most upperclass people may not approve of. Just hanging out with people.
Dislikes: The whiny kind of spoiled children. People who try to bribe their way into things with money. Unnecessary drama. Heights.
Strengths: Stubbornness. The ability to look at the “sunny side” of nearly everything.
Weaknesses: Stubbornness. Alcohol. A tendency to change topic midsentence and drop sentences.
Personality: Yomi is a talkative, friendly individual who’s happiest when he’s in a social situation and interacting with others. He does enjoy his own personal time like anyone else but he prefers the company of others. Enthusiastic about what he does, he doesn’t back down until he’s finished what he’s started. Cheerful and calm is his default setting.

However, happiness isn’t his only mood; he does have a bit of a temper. It’s not a hair trigger anger issue but if he’s irritated enough or someone is stupid enough he doesn’t have any qualms about throwing the closet object – pencil, shoe, book – and telling them to kindly shut the fuck up. And on the topic of shutting the fuck up it should also be mentioned that Yomi does have a tendency to be quite crass and swear a little too much which is probably largely in thanks to the crowd he frequently bangs around with. He has no desire whatsoever to act like a responsible young adult, much preferring to read comic books, play videogames and cause trouble and mayhem instead of studying and learning about the world.

Apart from that Yomi is usually a very down to earth kind of guy and willing to help anyone. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and he’s not very good at hiding them. When he’s happy, you know it. When he’s sad, you know it. And so on and so forth. Oh yes, he’s also a bit of a pervert, so don’t be surprised if you see him groping someone or he starts groping you. It’s all perfectly normal, folks.

Social class: Upper.
History: Rich kid from a rich family, there’s really nothing new to be said about Yomi’s history. It’s all been done and said before. Both of his parents are high up the foodchain within in their respective companies and Yomi has always lived in wealth. And like most rich kids Yomi grew up in the care of babysitters and nannies, hardly seeing his parents due to their workload, but that sort of thing never bothered Yomi as he was far more interesting in casing trouble than he was wondering where his parents were. Even from a young age Yomi had been the sociable kind, making friends wherever he went from whatever social class he encountered. So, as a review so far; normal kid from a upperclass family who really only differed in the fact that he didn’t mind rolling around in mud and interacted with everyone he could.

However, it should be said that Imperial Academy is also the fifth school he has been to in five years due to… well, some issues with getting into trouble. It’s not that he has an issue with authority or anything like that. It just so happens trouble has a way of finding him wherever he goes. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that the kind of crowd Yomi favours can be best described as delinquent Yanki kids. He never really got into the fashions style so much but they were the kind of people he ended up banging around with in every town he was sent to so it’s not hard to imagine he usually got himself into quite a bit of trouble. So, his parents sent him to Imperial Academy this time; not in a ‘clean up your act’ attempt so much as a ‘we’re starting to run out of places’ reason.

The Mun

Anonymity, people. I trust you people know what this means by now... if not, I'll give you a brief overview. I don't care who you are, and I don't want to know either. Keep your nicknames and personal information to yourselves or keep it to the PMs if you must.
Where'd you find this site? Power of awesome.
Number? [Check]
RP Sample:
Tonight was spent no differently than any other normal Saturday night; instead of staying inside his house Yomi was chilling and drinking at a close by pub, talking to anyone and everyone who would listen. It was a smaller place and more of a hole in the wall than anything but it was still his favorite place to go. There were hardly ever any fights, and the people were easier to talk to than those you tend to encounter in the higher end bars. It was easy for him to get lost in conversation and drink the night away which ended up happening more often than not.

Therefore, predictably, Yomi stayed at the pub until closing time, stumbling slightly in the dark on his way back home. Night successfully spent, in his opinion. Now, all he had to do was get back home and pass out for all of Sunday and he would be ready to face a week of teaching. Trailing his hand along the brick wall, Yomi turned into the alleyway he often took as a shortcut, expecting it to be just as empty as it normally was. But luck just wasn't on his side tonight and no sooner had he entered the alley he found himself knocked to the ground from a running passerby.

"Hey, douchebag! How about a sorry or somethin'?" He yelled out as he pushed himself back up, checking out his palm to see what kind of damage was left from the pavement. Not a minute later, after he had he brushed his pants off, someone else ran into him, sending him tumbling back down to the ground.

"Yo, buddy, did you see someone pass by?" The man asked, not bothering to help Yomi back up. Disgruntled at being knocked down a second time, Yomi pushed himself back up, patting down his pants for a second time.

"To the right. Downtown." He grumbled, pushing himself back up and watching as the guy ran away without so much as a thankyou. Of course, the previous guy had run the other way, but details, right? Whatever the hell that was about. Deciding he was better off not getting in the middle of it, especially since the two had already run away, Yomi continued on his way, more eager to curl up in his bed than before.

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