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Here you will find rules and other necessities.

{ Rules }

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Here are the rules. If you fail to follow them, we will not hesitate to take any disciplinary action necessary.

o1. Respect. Here on Imperial Academy, we require respect from all of the members to us and to other members. Do keep in mind that respect is a two-way street. Some joking around is fine, but when things get out of control, the admins will step in to end it.

o2. Do NOT godmod. Unless it has been approved by both parties, the admins don't want to see any godmodding on this site. It's no fun when someone is playing your character for you and making them do things that you had no intention of them doing.

o3. Literacy is a must here. All posts should be written in third person, past tense. It looks good and is easier to read. No one-liners here. As fellow roleplayers, the admins understand that sometimes you will acquire a writer's block. If this brings you to the point of being unable to form at least two paragraphs, then wait until you cool down to post. One paragraph posts just look noobish.

o4. Language, violence, sex, and other mature themes will more than likely be a constant on this site. If you are can't handle such themes, then you are advised to not participate or not join. However, if you are going to participate in the more mature aspects of roleplaying, please label the title of your thread with 'NC-17' or 'Adult' once it reaches that point so that those who would be offended don't stumble upon it by accident. Though, for the love of god, please don't base the site purely around sex and what not. We do appreciate good plots.

o5. As a mun, you are allowed to have a total of three muses on this site. If you are active with all three of your muses and feel the need to have a fourth, then PM the admin and we'll decide if you may have another muse. All of your muses must stay active or they will be deleted. If for some reason, you are unable to post with a certain muse whether it be because their threads aren't being replied to or something, put them on hiatus so we don't accidentally delete them.

o6. If by some chance there is a want for a muse with the same name as one already taken on here, then simply tack a small symbol on the end of the name to make the difference between who is who. For example, if Kai from the GazettE is taken and you want to play Kai from Velgreed, then just sign up as 'Kai,' or 'Kai.' Whatever floats your boat... Just so long as you don't do something stupid as mentioned in rule 11.

o7. Once you have registered for your muse, you have two days to post your application for them or the account will be deleted. Our advice is to not sign up for the muse until your application is finished if you don't think you can make that deadline. If you're afraid your desired muse might be claimed before you can finish it, then sign up for the muse and send the Admin a PM to place them on hold.

o8. After having posted your application, you must wait for the Admin to approve your app before you are allowed to post. This includes posting to the chat thread. To add to this, I also don't want to see people playing muses they don't have accounts and applications for.

o9. Every month your dear admins will be doing an activity check to make sure you haven't died because we care so much. Note the sarcasm, please. Anyway, here on IA, we the admins still appreciate regular posting. So! In addition to our monthly activity checks, we're going to ask that you post at least once every two weeks. Again, if for whatever reason you are unable to post, let us know of your hiatus.

1o. Imperial Academy is an anonymous roleplay board. We don't want to see names, LJs, AIM screen names, or any of the like on here. By the way, my favourite number is 11, what's yours? If you want to roleplay off the board or get to know someone better then shoot them a PM. We don't want wars and fights to be dragged on this site.

11. When signing up for the site, please use the name of your musician that you're using. If you're signing up for Kyo we don't want to see "LOLOLDISISKYO" or something. Nor do we want to see "LOLOLILIKECHIKN" for Toshiya. Also, please refrain from adding an honorific to the account name. If you're going to sign up as Rame from Vidoll, don't go signing up as 'Rametan'. Please and thanks!

12. As far as character deaths are concerned, as long as it has been approved by both parties(the murderer and the victim), then send the Admin a PM and we'll give our approval for you to continue.

13. As far as graphics and text-colors - let's be clear. Nothing that stretches the forum. Icons should be 100x100, standard LJ icon size - that's fine. But as for signatures and the like, please keep them to 250x550 and below, alright? Font colors... don't be obnoxious. There's nothing wrong with the color of the font that the forum utilizes by default. However, if the font is too small for you to see, then you may re-size it a bit. Again, don't be obnoxious. Keep it decent. No one wants to read a billboard-size font in their thread.

14. As far as Asian muses go that aren't Japanese, we will be allowing Korean and Chinese muses so long as they are active in Japan. For example, the Wonder Girls are not active in Japan so you cannot play them. However, 4Minute is so feel free to take up one of them as a muse if you'd like. Keep in mind that 'Japanese activity' means music and live performances there. Also, as far the Japanese to Korean muse ratio goes, please try to keep it balancedunless Japanese outweighs, then that's okay lol.

15. Please please please... no hermaphrodites. Male muses and female muses are fine. Just no... hermaphrodites, thanks. To add to this rather than making a new rule, there will also be no mpreg whatsoever. Sorry, but not everyone is cool with that.

16. Do NOT use the cbox to your left to RP in. It is ONLY for OOC chat. We have a RP thread in the Off Topic section for those of you who want play.

17. If you have successfully read each and every one of the rules, you'll already know your ticket to being accepted. :)

Any questions or comments can either be PM'd to the admin or placed in the cbox to your left if you do not have an account.