Forum Rules.

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Welcome to the IFCSG forum.

All we ask of members is that you please try to follow guidelines listed below in order to make the forum a happy place.

Be civil:

All board members are advised to act in a civilized fashion, regardless of situation or provocation. Pleasant people make for a pleasant forum.

If you should encounter a problem with any particular member, please deal with it via e-mail or PM rather than post specifics (names, exact details, etc.) on the forum. If you are unsure as to how to handle it, please email or PM Lee Francis of the IFCSG for help.

No Spamming In any form:

Ads for your site are tolerated if you are, or plan to be, a genuine, contributing member. All posts are to be a worthwhile contribution and relevant to the topic in which they are found.

Be considerate of other's topics:

When a topic is created, the direction of the content and level of seriousness are factors left to the discretion of the thread creator. You wouldn't like it if someone trivialized or diverted your conversation, would you? So please keep to the topic. If you wish to start a new topic then simply do so.

Post topics in the related forums:

Yes, Ilkeston FC is the busiest forum, but please don't post, for example, a non Ilkeston FC related topic there because you want a lot of replies. You CAN make a post containing a link to that thread, in General Chat, to get people to look at it.

Use restraint and common sense when posting:

Remember that the forum is host to a great variety of racial, ethnic, religious and political people, who have a myriad of interests. Please respect others, their lifestyles, and their right to a friendly environment.

Sit back, relax, and have fun:

The forum is here for everyone to come and share their mutual interests in, so come on in and have fun. We all have stuff we want to get away from when we come here, so let go of all your troubles and join fellow 'Ilson' fans here.

That's it folks. Come on in, and don't forget above all...ENJOY!

What happens if you abuse the rules?

There is a warning system in place which is used if members don't follow the guidelines.

If a mod or admin think you have gone too far a warning will be issued, if another warning is issued that will be your last warning. A third warning will result in membership cancellation of the forum.

Thanks for reading.