Help me Please!

Help me Please!

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May 29th, 2010, 1:14 am #1

I needed a little extra income so I just applied for and got a position as the Boise Outdoor Recreation Examiner on As such I will publish a few short articles each week on different outdoor topics. The more people who subscribe to, read, rate, and comment on my articles the more I get paid.
So...(here comes the shameless self promotion) I was hoping some of you who post here would be interested in subscribing to my page. (It's free, don't worry.)

Here's the link: ... n-Examiner

Click on the subscribe button near my photo.

Also since I associate with many of you on a regular basis and know your websites there will be plentiful links to this forum as well as your personal sites in my articles. This will also benefit you by bringing more attention to your pages. Some of you may have gotten an email about this already. Thanks everyone!


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