2 White Knob nubbins

2 White Knob nubbins

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Houston Peak 7464'/484' overlooks the one time pioneer settlement of Houston in Big Lost River Valley.
The town withered away when bypassed by the railroad in favor of Mackay in 1901.
Start this hike from Houston Road on the valley floor.

Modern day arrowhead.
On top, a spent rifle shell served as summit cairn & register.
In distance, Shelly hob nobs with her White Knob friends.

The 1935 USGS bronze benchmark tablet on Lehman Butte 7171'/476' is stamped VABM elevation 7169'.
Flag signal and benchmark placed by Lee Morrison during survey of Mackay 30 minute quad (this 1940 map now a collector's item).

Snowclouds in Lost River Range parted just long enough to show the Three Sisters in white diaphanous dress. They must be going to Church.

Start hike/scramble of Lehman Butte from Mackay Fish Hatchery.

All photos 5/18/11.

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