February 2nd, 2018, 6:54 pm #11

Cmon they're all 50-somethings, would be pretty tragic if heroin was knocking about backstage at gigs
The thing about being an addict of a hard drug, it can be soft drugs, or alcohol, that can trigger feelings of using. Remember that the roses were all on different drugs. Ian weed, John coke, Mani mixture, Reni h. The fact that Ian uses weed still after gigs, will be a reminder for Reni of what he did. Hence the reason he got out of there, and went home.

I can understand this and I can use weed myself on occasion. It ain’t a problem for me and for many. I think Reni probably explained things to the others so I’m sure they were careful around him. I’m pretty sure when Reni is at home he is fine, free from any temptation, surrounded by people he is comfortable with etc.

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